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Fitness is something we all want to have in our life. In this busy life, we all want to have fitness as well as money. However, This can’t be done without practice. Today’s article is about a super amazing fitness model Trisha Smick. Trisha’s full name is Trisha Vezirian Smick.

Smick was the first 46 years old Women’s Amateur Physique Competitor. A mother along with a bodybuilder. A big inspiration for all those working women. This Article includes her Early life story, her struggling phase, and her Achievements. Additionally, Workout and Diet Routine. Scroll down if you want to know more about Trisha.

Early Years

Trisha Smick is a 46-year-old Women’s Amateur Physique Competitor. She has passed 13 years of her marriage. Moreover, She is a proud mother of 3 beautiful children. Their name as given, Trevor 12, Sierra 8, and her little baby Haley 5. Trisha lives in NJ (approximately 25 miles outside of Philadelphia). Additionally, she said is the youngest of 6 siblings and the only one to graduate college. She attended Penn State University graduating within the top 10% of her class in 1991. Apart from this, she has studied about B.S. in Exercise and Sport Science.

As a mother of 3 children, it may really become very hard for her to manage her workout routines. But, Trisha says that it’s not easy and manageable as long as we make it a priority. She adds ups, Don’t allow yourself, or anyone else, to make you feel guilty. First and foremost for all of us to embrace the concept that they can do it. How beautifully Trisha maintains her life and builds a balance between being healthy, looking good, and fulfilling her passion.

Trisha’s busy Schedule

Apart from all this, She serves herself as a role model for her children which makes her feel better her.
However, Trisha schedules her training. Being a Mom you plan her every work on time and fulfill all her family demands, Moreover, Trisha Smick establishes a realistic plan sprinkled with a little bit of flexibility, it works most of the time for her in a good way.

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At the time of her contest preparation, She usually stays within 5-7% of stage weight. Trisha’s preparation is short but, fairly pleasant for her. She manages her weekly schedule so that she can prepare herself for competitions.

Trisha Smick is blessed with all of her family and friends the ones who are most enamored by her. Certainly, Being a physique competitor, Trisha’s two little girls, ages 8 and 5 are so proud to see her Mommy on stage performing and love holding the trophies. More importantly, Trisha’s family truly supports her and enjoys the process with her. Having an athletic and muscular Mom who doesn’t quite look like the other moms as her little kid feels embarrassing. Moreover, Her Husband, friends, and family overall admire her dedication, commitment, and support for her passion for the sport.

Quick View

BodyBuilder NameTrisha Vezirian Smick
HometownMedford, NJ
Marital StatusMarried
Birthday3 May 1968
ProfessionBodybuilder, Weight Lifter, Fitness model

Future Plans

For the upcoming competitions, Trisha Smicks prepares herself in the best way. Trisha Smick feels very proud to focus on being her personal best – as a mother, wife, and competitor. She feels self-motivated and balances her competitive passion with her family/personal life. Trisha believes that women who doubt they can achieve their fitness goals. They must try whether due to age, family demands, and any other reason- they shouldn’t give up. Moreover, She believes to stay mentally grounded and keep it in perspective one should focus on the journey, not the destination.

Struggling phase

Some of her Experiences related to the anxiety she shared. There are two experiences that were related to stage anxiety of Trisha. Firstly, The 94’ Ms. Universe and Secondly, the 14’ Golds Classic. Being fully aware of her stage anxiety, Trisha over-prepare for anything and everything stage related. From Instance, from walking out, posing, individual posing routine, to a class posedown, etc. Therefore, everything becomes very spontaneous. At the Universe and Gold’s Trisha completely blanked either just earlier to her performance. However, due to the hour’s self-talk, and visual imagery, Trisha was able to calm herself enough to regain her composure flawlessly. In October 2014, Trisha competed in her first NPC competition and pursued her IFBB Pro Card.


  • 2014- NPC Golds Classic, Physique 2nd Place
  • 2014- NPC Natural Mid-Atlantic Classic; Physique 1st Place
  • 2014- NGA Mr & Ms. Natural Philadelphia; Physique 1st Place
  • 2013- OCB Battle for The Belt; Physique 2nd, Bodybuilding 3rd Place
  • 2012- INBF Amateur World Championships; Fit Body (Physique) 2nd, Figure 2nd Place
  • 1994- WNBF Pro Ms. Universe, Women’s Bodybuilding 6th Place

Diet Plans

If we talk about Nutrition we must know- what, when, and how much is absolutely 1000% important for our body. Especially when preparing for the stage. Trisha works closely with her Coach, IFBB Pro Vilma Caez, to manage her nutrition all year. Trisha’s coach controls and alters her caloric intake/expenditure and macronutrient intake (carbs, proteins, fats) while observing her physique changes in determining off-season and contest strategy. Moreover, Since calories/carbs are kept relatively high. Therefore, cardio sessions are kept to a minimum. However, Trisha typically circumvents the need to carb deplete or cutwater. Her preparation is very manageable as strength and energy are sustained.

Aside from pre-contest, Trisha intakes a clean gluten-free diet, that she enjoys all year. On this, Trisha believes eating clean and gluten-free empower her to manage her Celiac Disease as well as Lymphocytic Colitis. Overall, Trisha Smick avoids almost all processed foods and leans toward simple foods with the least ingredients.

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