Yanyah Milutinovic

Hello guys, As you all know that everyone wants to have a fit body to enhance their personality. Today in this article we are going to tell you about a female bodybuilder who has an amazing personality. Toughness is in the soul and spirit of this fitness model. She never thought of giving up after facing so many problems in life. This article includes her birth, fitness journey, age etc. This female bodybuilder is a perfect example of beauty with a brain. So, Let’s start with her beautiful name. Yanyah Milutinovic




Her name is Yanyah Milutinovic. Yanyah was born in Swedish. By profession, She is a fitness model & NQ fitness athlete. Nowadays, she’s living in New York. She is fond of playing since her childhood.


She has achieved many achievements at a small age. Not only that, but she has won the former open world cup championship in Karate 2016. Further, In 2016, she got the first position in NPC Steve stone metropolitan figure. According to her, All the challenges that she faced in her life made her strong. She has got a lot of opportunities to understand herself and the world as well as her experiences.

Career and Opportunities

Yanyah started her karate career at the age of 10. And then after that, she won the Open World Cup championship at the age of 15. And brought her name to fame all over the world. She started her Karate career at the age of 10. Then after that, at the age of 15, she won the Open World Cup championship and brought her name to the world.

BODYBUILDER NAMEYanyah Milutinovic
AGE 34 years
BIRTH DATE26 July 1986

Fitness Journey

In 2008, She moved to the US. And earned a name after nearly 7 years of hard work. In these 7 years of hard work, she has tried to see and understand the people of the world. She has to face a lot of difficulties in her new country. Along, she suffered from domestic violence. She never thought of giving up.

Even facing this many problems she practiced a lot to get success. She started gaining success around the world after 5 years of hard struggle. She had improved the quality of the muscle in his body just in 2 years so much that everyone wanted to get the same figure as her. Furthermore, she proved that if a person works hard and maintains courage, then everyone can achieve victory.

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Life Mentor

He believes that the biggest supporter and mentor in his life is his father. Even in his struggling days, he was always with her despite being away from his father. Her father supported her as a friend. His father has also greatly motivated her to solve every single problem of her as well as her siblings.

In her fitness journey, She got two such coaches due to which she considers herself a blessed person. Moreover, She has achieved success in her life only with the help of her coach. She always feels thankful two her coach for giving her training and progressive quality of knowledge. She is having good name and fame because of that. In addition, she helps people to achieve their fitness goals. She posts her fitness-related videos and photos on social media. She has more than 300k followers on Instagram.

In Conclusion, She has followed her dreams. She never thought of giving up. She motivates people to do workout and also help them to achieve their goals.

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