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Hey! peers. As you all are aware of the concept of fitness. Today’s article revolves around Olivia Renee. A fitness icon and online sensation who helps a lot of people to achieve their fitness goals. moreover, in today’s busy life schedule it is quite hard for everyone to be fit and fine and live a better and healthy lifestyle. Today’s article includes information related to her. So, If you are interested in reading this article, then please scroll down to get further information.

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The name of this female bodybuilder is Olivia Renee. She lives in America. she is 26 years old. A very famous female bodybuilder who is appreciated by everyone in the world of fitness. Moreover, Even bodybuilders got encouragement on seeing her physique.

Physical Appearance

If we talk about her Physical Appearance, She is a shining beauty with amazing body muscles. Her height is about 5 foot 5 inches. And, Olivia’s weight is about 63 kg. By profession, Olivia is a very famous bodybuilder and a fitness model. Renee always tries to make her physique more attractive and muscular. Therefore, She performs amazingly in all the competitions.

Early Years and Start of Journey

Olivia loves to take part in competitions since her childhood. Moreover, When Olivia was a teenager she decided to be a bodybuilder. When kids in an age teens love to play videogames and use phones. Meanwhile, Olivia decided to make her life better and she prepared herself for it. As a result, When Olivia Renne enters the field of bodybuilding she is in High School.

When Olivia Renee started going to the gym, She paid more attention to her muscle growth. Around in 1 or 2 years, She built an amazing figure. Everyone wanted her to teach them as their personal trainer. Moreover, She always gets many compliments on her physique.

After maintaining her fitness in a certain manner, At that time she has to prepare for a small competition. So that, She started doing hard workouts for better results. As a result, Olivia attains better changes in her body, and then she enters in bodybuilding journey When Olivia participated in her first competition, She got a better position in her first competition. Therefore, She got motivated. Additionally, Olivia is not only a bodybuilder and fitness model but, she is also a famous athlete. After getting this much love and respect in her career, she started making a life plan about the bodybuilding industry.


Hard work pays off. Olivia worked so hard to maintain her fitness. For achieving her life goals she works hard work with strong determination. Also, She got the support of her family, Her mother helps her a lot in the fitness industry. After graduation from college, she gives her whole to the fitness industry. Olivia participated in many competitions and played very well. After winning competitions, Olivia Renee started attracting social fame. Her fans love her muscular physique.

Moreover, Olivia tries to motivate their fans to make them fit and healthy in their life. In addition, Whenever she feels low, she inspires herself many times. Due to her beautiful and hot body, she has millions of followers on Instagram. Apart from bodybuilding, Olivia has a hobby of horse riding. She loves horse riding.
she also helps her friend and social media people for being fit.

Diet plan And Fitness Routine

If we talk about Olivia’s diet plan, She follows a very strict diet plan. For example, she intakes a big amount of protein cards and healthy fat in her food. Moreover, she eats chicken, omelet, green vegetables, fruit, and protein shake to make her body fit and energetic. Oliva Renee also follows cheat meals for the day in a week. Also, Pizza is her favorite.

If we talk about Olivia Renee’s workout plans, she workout for six days in a week. Olivia’s favorite is leg workouts. However, After a leg workout, her favorite is the port shoulder. If we talk about her training sessions. She trains herself about 6 days a week. Like other competitors, Olivia trains cardio to stay in shape. Olivia Renee trains multiple muscle groups at a time, concentrating on up to three per day. Moreover, Renee practices many new kinds of exercise to make her looks and figure marvelous. However, She has never followed a particular workout routine

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