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An Amazing female bodybuilder who will amaze you with her Incredible fitness

Aline Barreto, An amazing fitness model, and professional bodybuilder. Fitness is a result of hard work. Many are willing to get their desired fitness and work on it. Yet, they face many obstacles in life. But, we must understand fitness is something that helps us to attain glorious results. As it saysIf you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.” However, This article is all about Aline Barreto a fitness model who achieved many awards and models for her extraordinary fitness. From lifting weights as a hobby to developing into a professional fitness athlete she crossed many obstacles. Aline Barreto has become an icon in the industry. So let’s start this article with includes Aline Barreto’s fitness, life achievements, family background, etc. If you are interested then continue reading.



Early Years and Start of Journey- Aline Barreto

Everyone wants to get appreciation in this world. We all try to make our bodies look amazing. Somehow, Aline Barreto began lifting at 16. A little girl was born in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. However, Aline was very unsatisfied with her figure. Moreover, Barreto became embarrassed with her appearance during her teenage years. Therefore, She started joining the GYM after becoming unhappy with her physique. By the age of 31, Aline won 10 trophies and got placed in numerous competitions.

Additionally, Once Aline Barreto said, “I always liked the practice of weight training, but only considered competing after working out for 5 years” Aline added that she was unhappy with her physical appearance in her early teens. Barreto was very skinny so she desired to get some muscle with weight training.

Physical Fitness

A tiny girl who desired to get muscle growth and started her fitness journey. In 2001, At the age of small 16, Aline started her gym training. Around, For the next two years, Aline lifted weights in the gym and slowly developed her body in an impressive way. Moreover, She was determined to accomplish her dream physique. Aline is very fit and has a tremendous body. Aline Barreto’s height is 5’1. Her weight remains between 56kg to 61kg. If you want to Know more about Aline Barreto fitness then, please go through Quick View below.

Quick view


BIRTHPLACERio de Janeiro, Brazil
PROFESSION Fitness Model, IFBB Athlete
WEIGHT 125 – 135lbs (56.7 – 61.2kg)
HEIGHT 5’1″ (155cm)
BUST 35″
NET WORTH$100K-$1M (2019 Approx.)

Struggling phase

Every person faces obstacles in her life. Somehow, everyone tries to show their best. However, In Aline’s life, there was such a turning point in her life that she didn’t find any solution. In 2003, at 18 years old, Aline fell pregnant and was forced to stop training. At that moment she was feeling very dejected. Consequently, After giving birth to her child. Aline took a break two years from the gym. But she hadn’t given up on her ambition.

She was so passionate about her career. Aline’s love for fitness bought her back to the fitness world. At the end of 2005, Return to the Gym because Aline had recovered from the strains of childbirth. At 20, she concentrated on strengthening her body anew. Aline returned to the gym and set her visions higher than before. Aline intended to compete as a fitness athlete. Moreover, She was more determined than ever to succeed.

Aline Barreto’s First Competition
Over the next 8 years, Aline trained whenever she could to train her body while being a mother. Yet, she gained more development. Aline’s muscular fitness is god-gifted with great genetics. Moreover, Aline obtained herself in unimaginable shape and rose to apprehend her potential in fitness. In addition, Barreto was excited to see what hard work pays off for her.


Riding high from her victory, Aline got motivated for longer. In 2013, at the Nutri House Cup in Brazil, Aline got another chance to prove herself. She trained herself so hard to strengthen her success. As a result, She takes home another trophy. Well, Aline had no idea that this is the first step of her success and that she will be more successful in the future.

A Champion and Online Sensation for everyone, Aline build her fitness career so quickly. For the next 2 years, She dominated competitions in her home country. Moreover, Aline earned more respect with every trophy. After having this much success she was soon noticed on social media. By 2016, Aline dragged a volume of followers on social media admiring her Physique. Not only had she got the title of “One of the greatest female physiques in the world”, but she’d also fit as an online sensation.

Idols and Influences

Everyone has an idol in their life. Aline got inspired by Bikini Athletes on social media. She felt so happy on seeing them and their incredible fitness. Therefore, She decided to focus on competitions. At the age of 28, Aline Barreto began her first competition – The 2013 Mr. Cabo Frio. Finally, All of her hard work paid off. Therefore, She helps other people and her fans to achieve their fitness goals. Moreover, Aline shares workout routines and diet plans, so that others can get information. Aline Barreto has more than 1.5M followers on Instagram.

Training And Workout Routine

If we talk about her training sessions. She trains herself about 6 days a week. Unlike other competitors, Aline doesn’t train cardio to stay in shape. Aline trains multiple muscle groups at a time, concentrating on up to three per day. Moreover, Aline Barretopractices many new kinds of exercise to make her looks and figure marvelous. However, She has never followed a particular workout routine.

Aline Barreto never tries to copy others to enhance her body. Rather, she relies on her weight training in the gym. She changes her training plan according to her requirements. However, she does concentrate on her hamstrings, glutes, and calves. Aline refers to warmup before starting her workout session. Aline’s favorite workout is legs. Therefore, Aline Barreto trains her lower body at least three times a week.

Workout Plans
MondayQuadriceps and calf
Tuesday Back, shoulders and buttocks
WednesdayQuadriceps, posterior leg, and calf
Thursday Chest, biceps, and triceps
FridayQuadriceps, posterior leg, and calf
SaturdayBack, shoulders and buttocks
Sunday Rest

Diet Routine

If we talk about her diet plan, Aline Barreto follows a very strict diet plan. Moreover, She is very conscious about her diet plan. Aline’s diet plan includes lean proteins, complex carbs, and green vegetables. Additionally, She also makes sure to drink around 3 liters of water a day. Aline’s diet is always made up of complex carbohydrates and lean proteins. Therefore, She separates her meals into 6 meals per day to maintain her body. She tries to avoid cheat meals in her diet. Moreover, Aline intakes protein-rich foods. A piece of brief information related to her diet plan is as follow:

Nutrition Diet Plan
Meal 1 Oats and Egg Whites
Meal 2 Chicken, Sweet Potato, and Broccoli
Meal 3 White Fish, Brown Rice, and Broccoli
Meal 4 Chicken, Sweet Potato and Broccoli
Meal 5 White Fish, Brown Rice, and Broccoli
Meal 6 Chicken and Broccoli
Supplements Stack
  • BCAA
  • Glutamine
  • Whey Protein
  • Multivitamins
  • Creatine
  • Pre-Workout Fat Burners

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