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Colleen Fotsch a super amazing CrossFit athlete famous for her fitness and figure. As we all are aware of this fact, fitness plays an important role in our life. Therefore, many young girls and boys join the gym to build a tremendous body. Well! This article is all about Colleen’s Biography, For Instance, her age, height, career, and many more things. So, If you want to know more about her then read continuously.


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Bodybuilder NameColleen Fotsch
LIVES INSan Francisco
INSTAGRAM @colleenfotsch

BIOGRAPHY: Colleen Fotsch

Early Years and Start of Journey: Colleen Fotsch

Colleen Fotsch a fitness model who achieved so much fame in the fitness industry. Her fans support her and love her so much. Colleen Fotsch born in North Calerfornia . She had a passion for fitness and she loves to do physical activities. Moreover, Colleen Fotsch faced many difficulties. But, she never gave up. Therefore, She got so much success in her life. Moreover, Colleen started playing sports at a young age. Fotsch played every sport whatever she feels to play. She was always on the muscular side.

Colleen Fotsch swimmer, Yes, She was a swimmer at UC Berkeley. Moreover, Fotsch really enjoyed the lifting program. In addition, Colleen said she wanted to continue lifting in some way, or shape after her college career was over. Additionally, she started CrossFit about a year past Perhaps, you won’t believe that within a few months of consistent training, She does a great job. Therefore, She started noticing a big change in how She looked and felt.

Physical Fitness

If I talk about fitness, we all know physical fitness is very important for those who are in the fitness industry. Therefore, Colleen Fotsch maintained her physical fitness in a wondrous way. Her weight is about 77 kg. Fotsch has a brilliant height is about 5’7. She has amazing fitness. Therefore, Everyone wants to get fitness like her. Many bodybuilders get training from her. She trains people as a personal trainer.

Colleen belongs to an American family. She loves to spend her free time with her family. Colleen is very sweet and humble. She always tries to help people all over the world to get proper guidance for fitness. Recently, Colleen appeared in a YouTube video of mark bell. Moreover. Those videos crossed up to 7 thousand of views.

Struggling phase

Every person has their own story of life. All of us face numerous obstacles in life. Similarly, Colleen Fotsch faced many quandaries during her fitness journey. But she always tried to keep her motivated so that she can focus on her fitness. However, Colleen explains that CrossFit is extremely humbling and tests her limits day in and day out.

In Addition, Fotsch says that she loves learning new skills that at one point seemed impossible for her body to do. She loves being able to do something which gives her fun Also, it keeps her in shape and strong. Colleen’s workout routine is so tough that she can even lift up so much heavyweight. For instance, Clean and jerk: 223 pounds and Deadlift: 330 pounds, Therefore, Fotsch gets this super amazing figure. Moreover, Colleen Says she loves her body now, it is the result of

  • Setting various training goals. For Instance, Squatting
  • A certain amount of weight
  • Mastering certain gymnastic skills, And
  • Being the best competitor She can be.


As she grew up, Colleen Fotsch learned many things. Moreover, She built her own empire. Colleen was a Scholarship Student-Athlete at the University of Notre Dame & University of California. Moreover, Colleen played a role in baby the last of us. Fotsch played many CrossFit battlegrounds. Furthermore, Colleen Fotsch is a very popular CrossFit athlete in the USA. Additionally, we can say that Fotsch is a brilliant athlete who played a different kind of competition as follow,

  • 200 Medley Relay record holder
  • Berkeley, NCAA Championship swimmer 2011 and 2012
  • Collegiate and High School All American (captain, Palo Alto High School, 2008)
  • Olympic Trials Qualifier year of 2008 & 2012,
  • In, the 2017 Crossfit Games Team Athlete (4th Place)
  • Crossfit Games Individual Athlete 2019

Training and Workout Routine: Colleen Fotsch

If we talk about her training sessions. She trains herself about 6 days a week. Moreover, Colleen Fotsch practices many new kinds of exercise to make her looks and figure spectacular. However, Fotsch has never followed a particular workout routine. Colleen always tries to change her fitness and diet routine so she can understand how much she needs to work out. She’s changed her training plan every month since she started lifting weights. In Addition, Colleen ensures her body is always being shocked and forced to develop. However, she does concentrate on her hamstrings, glutes, and calves. Colleen Fotsch does warmup before starting her workout session.

Diet Routine

If we talk about her diet plan, Colleen Fotsch follows a very strict diet plan. Moreover, She is very conscious about her diet plan. She never allows any kind of cheat meal in her diet. Fotsch intakes protein-rich foods. Moreover, She takes different kinds of supplements as well. For instance, BCAA, Whey protein, etc. Colleen says that she doesn’t count her calories, but she eats very clean. Further, Fotsch has a huge sweet tooth. Consequently, She enjoys desserts every so much.

Since Colleen started doing CrossFit, She got a reasonable volume of questions about what she does? Moreover, many people asked about her routine related to both training and nutrition. Further, She always gets asked if she plays any sport. If Yes, then what it is, or if Colleen competes as a bodybuilder. Furthermore, She adds, It’s usually when She is spotted at the grocery store that Fotsch gets the most comments and questions.

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