Ana Cozar

Ana Cozar, A Fitness icon who’s very famous for her amazing fitness. As you all know that everyone wants to get fitness. Many girls and boys join Gym to get a perfect figure and muscle. Today we are going to tell you about a bodybuilder who changed her path from kickboxing to competitive bodybuilding. In this article, you’ll know about her physical fitness and journey. Moreover, Ana Cozar has become a fitness icon and online sensation. However, she wasn’t always revered for her physique



Early Years and Start of Journey

Ana Cozar is a fitness model who achieved so much fame in the fitness industry. Her fans support her and love her so much. Ana was born in Madrid, Spain. She had a passion for fitness and she loves to do physical activities. Moreover, Ana was the only girl at her school that lifted weights as a teenager. Also, She was oftentimes treated badly for being more muscular than the other class-fellows. Somehow, She faced all this. But, she never gave up. Therefore, She got so much success in her life.

In 1997, Ana began practicing kickboxing at the very small age of 16 years old. Unfourtanelly, Ana was not eligible to compete with the other fighters. Consequently, She got motivation for her to start lifting weights in the gym. Aforementioned, she was an outcast from school society, bullied by other girls for being more muscular than them. But Ana didn’t let this affect her. Somehow she mentally prepared herself. Moreover, She was focused on developing her dream physique.

Physical Fitness

If I talk about fitness, we all know physical fitness is very important for those who are in the fitness industry. Therefore, Ana Cozar maintained her physical fitness in a wondrous way. Her weight remains between 61 Kg to 65 kg. Ana has a brilliant height is about 5’5. She has amazing fitness. Therefore, Everyone wants to get fitness like her. Many bodybuilders get training from her. She trains people as a personal trainer.

Bodybuilder NameAna Cozar
WEIGHT 135 – 145lbs (61.2 – 65.8kg)
HEIGHT5’5″ (165cm)

Struggling phase

  • For the next 10 years, Ana trained rigorously, focusing on her hamstrings, glutes, and calves. After every year, her figure was developing and she was becoming noticed on social media. By 2009, Ana had sculpted an amazing physique. She was proud of her progress and began considering a career as a Bikini Athlete.


At 28, she entered her first competition – the 2009 Ms Rio show. Impressively, she walked away with the trophy from her debut – she set her sights on becoming a professional. Pro Card and Online Sensation Ana took the rest of 2009 to further develop her body. At this point, she was more determined than ever to succeed. In 2010, at the age of 29, she entered her first IFBB show in the Physique category. All of her hard work was on display for the judges to see – and it paid off. Ana placed 1st in her second contest, but that wasn’t her only achievement of the night. Only a year since beginning to compete, Ana had earned her Pro Card. She had realized her dream of becoming a professional athlete. It was around this time that Ana gained a mass of followers on social media. She became recognized as having one of the greatest female physiques in the world.

Idols and Influences

Ana’s biggest influence since embarking on her fitness journey has been Ronnie Coleman. She was inspired by his work ethic in the gym and charisma.

Training and Workout Routine

If we talk about her training sessions. She trains herself about 6 days a week. Moreover, Ana Cozar practices many new kinds of exercise to make her looks and figure marvelous. However, Ana has never followed a particular workout routine. She’s changed her training plan every month since she started lifting weights. In Addition, Ana ensures her body is always being shocked and forced to develop. However, she does concentrate on her hamstrings, glutes, and calves. Ana does warmup before starting her workout session.

Diet Routine

If we talk about her diet plan, Ana Cozar follows a very strict diet plan. Moreover, She is very conscious about her diet plan. She never allows any kind of cheat meal in her diet. Ana intakes protein-rich foods. Moreover, She takes different kinds of supplements as well. For instance, BCAA, Whey protein, etc.

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