Paula Ranta

Hello guys, As you all know that everyone wants to have a fit body to enhance their personality. Today in this article we are going to tell you about a female bodybuilder who has an amazing personality. This Indian beautiful female model wins the heart of all. Toughness is in the soul and spirit of this fitness model. She is very beautiful and hot. This article includes her biography, height, age, etc. Moreover, This female bodybuilder maintains her body very beautifully that you become very amazed and surprised by her body.



A female bodybuilder: full of confidence and power booster. The name of this beautiful female bodybuilder is Paula Ranta. However, If we talk about her profession, Paula Ranta is a professional fitness model. Moreover, She is a professional personal trainer. She loves to train people who willing to get fitness. People love to watch her workout routine like how she manages her tough day by doing whole day workouts.

Physical Information

As we all know that Physical appearance is something that enhances our beauty. And, If we talk about the fitness industry then A tall and Marvelous fit body is a Boon for the Bodybuilder. However, A beautiful female bodybuilder like her is always the reason people love to join the gym. Yeah! Moreover, Paula Ranta’s physical appearance is also a reason of her strong fan following. Her height is about 5 foot 7 inch. She is a 21 years old Fitness model having big dreams.

About life

Everyone wants to look young and ravishing. However, Paula was raw-boned in her younger days. Moreover, She feels dejected. Then Finally, She decided to join the gym to maintain her body. PUL worked so hard to get a perfect curvy figure. As you can see in these pictures how beautifully she has maintained her fitness. In addition, On achieving her perfect figure she started playing competitions at the age of 21. She got a lot of knowledge about fitness and nutrition from her coach.


Fitness Bodybuilder who achieved so much fame because of her miraculous figure. However, She earns a lot of fame through social media. Moreover, She always shares her photos and videos related to fitness on regular basis. Well! If you hadn’t followed her on Instagram, then must do-follow.

Workout Routine

For being fit Paula does a lot of hard workouts in the gym. Moreover, She workout to maintain her muscle fitness. Paula always tries to make her looks and physical appearance look incredible. Firstly She warms up. After that, She starts her workout in a proper way. In Addition, She loves to do ABS and cardio exercises after doing her favorite exercises like jumping squats and single-leg deadlifts. Most Importantly, she does high-intensity workouts to maintain her body. Paula trains herself for competitions. She workouts 5 days a week.

Diet Plan

A healthy diet is as important as a strong workout. Therefore, Paula Ranta loves to eat healthy and nutritious food.
Moreover, She follows Western bodybuilding diet. Paula mostly like to eat Western Fruit and Vegetables. In Addition, Paula ranta focus more on non veg food for her protein intake. Although, She eats protein cake.

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