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Hello guys, As you all know that everyone wants to have a fit body to enhance their personality. Today in this article we are going to tell you about a female bodybuilder who have amazing personality. This Indian beautiful female model wins the heart of all. Toughness is in the soul and spirit of this fitness model. She is very beautiful and hot. This article includes her biography, height, age etc. So, Let’s start with her beautiful Name Mamatha Sanathkumar

INTRODUCTION Mamatha Sanath Kumar

Mamatha Sanathkumar is an Indian female bodybuilder. She is Bengaluru. She is participating in female bodybuilding competition for 5 years. Mamatha Sanathkumar’s not only a Female Bodybuilder Further, She is a housewife as well as a good mom. Her small daughter’s name is Purvika. She has also performed in many competitions on stage with her daughter.

FITNESS JOURNEY Mamatha Sanath Kumar

As you all know that in the profession of Bodybuilding, Men always on the dominant side. But, ignoring all these things she has struggled a lot, and today she’s got a lot of fame in her life.


When she started her journey to fitness industry no one supported her for bodybuilding. But, when she got success in her journey. Mamatha Sanathkumar started getting publicity from every side.

In India, participation in body building is not considered good for women. In the beginning she has to face a lot of difficulty because of her family. She was too over weighted when she was a housewife.
TURNING POINT IN LIFE Mamatha Sanath Kumar

At that moment she followed a very unhealthy lifestyle. After pregnancy, she found herself over weighted. Therefore, she started doing work out to make her fit. At that time her weight is about 90 kg.

And when she started doing work out she reduced her weight about 29 kg. She felt so happy to see the results. Then, she started participating in competitions. She also played a lot of bikini competitions.
Her age is only 27 when she started participating in competitions. After her success in the fitness industry she started helping or motivating others for being fit.



Now let’s talk about her fitness routine, she does a hard workout to make her body look slim and fit. Her dazzling fitness is one of the reason for her huge fan following. She work out to make her body strong.

If we talk about her diet plan, she follows a very strict diet plan. She uses supplement for her muscle growth. As well as she follows a strict workout routine.

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