Kristen Nicole

Hello guys, As you all know that everyone wants to have a fit body to enhance their personality. Today in this article we are going to tell you about a female bodybuilder who has an amazing personality. Toughness is in the soul and spirit of this fitness model. She is very beautiful and hot. This article includes her biography, height, age, etc. This female bodybuilder is a perfect example of beauty with a brain. So, Let’s start with her beautiful name Kristen Nicole



Her name is Kristina Nicole. She lives in Florida. She is one of the biggest fitness icons in the fitness industry. Furthermore, she was born in 1992. In the season of competition, her weight is about 75 kg and in competition season, her weight is about 80 kg. Kristina Nicole’s height is 5’5 inches.

Fitness Journey

After her entry into the fitness industry, she became a personal trainer and weight trainer. Kristina Nicole was so passionate about fitness and bodybuilding at the age of 5. In her childhood, she participated in many sports competitions. She played well in all the competitions.

When Kristina Nicole became very popular in the fitness industry she thought of sharing her valuable knowledge to her fans and other people. Kristina Nicole motivated a lot of people to achieve their fitness goals and also focus on her own fitness as well.
At the age of 23 Kristina Nicole got so many followers on social media. Moreover, Kristina Nicole has more than 250k followers on Instagram. She also shares her fitness routine and diet plan photos or videos on her social media.

WEIGHT75 Kg to 80 Kg


Kristina Nicole also shares her diet plan and workout routine on her social media to help her fans.
By the way, Kristina Nicole workouts 6 days a week. On weekend, she works out body weight. She always tries to make her body full of sweat. So that she burns the calories. And make her body look dazzling. She lives a very fit lifestyle. Kristina Nicole also focuses on cardio.


If we talk about her diet plan, she intakes lean protein, high carbs, vegetables, and fruits. Only once a week she takes a cheat meal. As we know she has participated in many sports competitions in her childhood. So Kristina has good knowledge about fitness and health. She also reached on nutrition and fitness. Kristina Nicole also wants to be perfect in her profession. She is so passionate about her work. Therefore, She is one of the most famous fitness models.

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