Stefanie Cohen

Hello guys, As you all know that everyone wants to have a fit body to enhance their personality. Today in this article we are going to tell you about a student studying to earn her doctorate from the University of Miami. Stefanie Cohen is also building her place in the world of powerlifting.

Moreover, At only 26 years old, She has hit several world records and earned one doctorate degree. She never thought of giving up after facing so many problems in life. This article includes her birth, fitness journey, age, etc. This female bodybuilder is a perfect example of beauty with the brain. So, Let’s start with her beautiful name Stephanie Cohen



Her name is Stefanie Cohen. Stefanie is known as one of the best female powerlifters. Moreover, She is an Author, Podcast Host, Physio, and Fashion Designer. She was born in Venezuela in 1993. Well, originally Stefanie is from Venezuela. But, Now she emigrates to the USA. Her weight remains between 52 kg to 56 kg. Her Height is about 5 feet.

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In the history of the sport of powerlifting, Stefanie was set world records one after another. She believes we should live with people who help us become better. Stefanie Cohen truly believes that no one can beat you unless you give up. This is so, she is so famous all over the world.

Stefanie has surprised millions in the competition of weightlifting. Also, wins her fans’ hearts. She believes in helping others to achieve their fitness goals. She is very kind to her fans and clients as well.

Stefanie shares her workout videos and photos on social media. She has more than 950k followers on Instagram. She also provides online training and Nutrition. Stefanie Cohen’s Instagram page @hybridperformancemethod.


There are many competitions in which Stefanie Cohen has shown her amazing fitness. In 2015, Stefanie Cohen won the gold medal in Florida senior state. Further, She set a world record and won gold medal in Illinois senior state.

In addition, Stefanie has set a world record in powerlifting at APA deadlift & APA total. She is a certified strength and conditional specialist. Moreover, A NCSF-certified personal trainer. She has studied BS in Exercise Physiology and Sports Medicine.

WEIGHT52 kg to 56 kg


Now, let’s talk about her diet plan. Stefanie Cohen follows a very simple diet plan. Furthermore, Stefanie is fond of eating protein packet food for muscle growth. Along with it, Stefanie Cohen eats food rich in carbohydrates, So she can lift high powerlifting weight. Apart from this, she uses multivitamins such as fish oil capsules and many more.

If we talk about her diet plan, Stefanie Cohen is always full of energy to do workouts. While doing workouts she always focuses on doing warm-ups first. She never skips her workout routine. She works out 6 days a week. Furthermore, Stefanie Cohen is very passionate about her workout routine.

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