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Hello guys, everyone wants to have a fit body to enhance their personality. Today in this article we are going to tell you about a female bodybuilder who has an amazing personality. She is very beautiful and hot. So,



Her name is Jade Mead. Jade Mead is a Bikini Athlete, Personal Trainer, and Social Media Influencer. She started playing competition at the age of 22. She won 2 trophies at a small age. Therefore, Jade Mead guided a lot of people through her own experience.

In addition, She also trains people as a Personal Trainer. Jade Mead lives in Australia. She was born on November, 1,1987. Her height is 5’4 inches. In the season of competition, Her weight is about 61 kg, and in the off-season 66 kg. By profession, she is a Figure Athlete and Fitness model.


Career and Achievements

She not only achieved success in the field of fitness. Moreover, She also achieved success in many fitness fields. Jade Mead has also achieved many qualifications related to Fitness.

The list of it is below:

Fitness Trainer Precision Nutrition 
Strength Coach Nutrition for Exercise & Sport
Sports Dietitians in Australia
Re comp Registered Trainer Provide First Aid & CPR
Certificate in Fitness Cardio

Jade Mead participated in the IFBB state championship in 2009 as a sports model and got 3rd position. After that, she has chosen fitness as her career. In 2011, All the competitions she took participated she won. She got famous on social media at the small age of 24.

Fitness Journey

Jade Mead wants to be an Athlete since her childhood. She had been fond of dancing and participating in sports since her childhood. As she has grown by the time she joined the gym and started doing weight lifting.

After that, she joins bodybuilding. Continuously, she worked hard for 4 years on her fitness. Further, she participated in her first completion and got success. She also insisted her friends join the gym for fitness.

Workout and Diet Routine

Now let’s talk about her workout & diet routine. Jade Mead workouts 6 days a week. She loves to exercise of legs and abs. If we talk about her diet plan, she follows a quite simple diet plan. She focuses more on eating protein and Carbohydrate-rich food items. In addition, she also adds some supplements to her diet such as BCAA, Protein Powder, glut amine. 

In Conclusion, She has followed her dreams. She never thought of giving up. She motivates people to do workout and also help them to achieve their goals.

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