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Daniela Kelava IFBB Wellness Pro Summer is officially over and the lean bod is gone with it. More carbs, heavier weight, and did I say more carbs?! 😂 Off season is my favorite season because I get to beat myself up even more and focus on building quality muscle. I don’t get too crazy heavy since I’m not a huge fan of my puffy blowfish 🐡 face (done it before and won’t do it ever again). So, I try to maintain some sort of leaner physique year round that way I don’t have to go super crazy when its time to shred. I’ll be posting my off-season journey soon. I am slowly getting back into the groove again after enjoying my life a little and dealing with some other unexpected things. Hope everyone has a great

The love that I have for the gym and training is unexplainable, this is why I still keep going. When I go back and see how far I have come I get excited about where I am going to get, as long as I keep pushing and don’t let the outside noise push me around. We are all human and things get to us. It is up to us to be able to identify things like this and shut them out. Once this skill has been mastered, nothing

  1. Biography – Daniela Kelava
  • Real Name – Daniela Kelava
  • Nickname – danilava
  • Nationality – United States
  • Date Of Birth – 1988
  • Age – 35
  • Height Weight – Height 5.7 in Weight 65
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