Cassandra Silva Bio, Age, Height, Wiki, Boyfriend,

  1. Biography – Cassandra Silva
  • Real Name – Cassandra Silva
  • Nickname – Cassandra
  • Nationality – Canada
  • Date Of Birth – 2000
  • Age – 23
  • Height Weight – Height 5.6 in Weight 60

Cassandra Silva Full leg day workout:

💗Sumo Deadlifts
💗Barbell RDL’s
💗Hip thrusts then B stance until failure (literally ended me😮‍💨)
💗Dumbbell squats
💗Glute hyperextensions 5w

Cassandra Silva The leg day that finished

❤️ Squats 3×10
❤️ Leg press 4×8-10 increasing weight each set
❤️ Reverse lunges 3×10
❤️Leg extensions 4×10
❤️ Walking lunges until failure Rip to the quads

Cassandra Silva All black gym fits just feel superior

On a real note: I’ve been struggling w body image HARD this week, it’s so easy to pick ourself apart & compare to others. I became my own biggest critique & completely ignored how far I already came. I took this photo a week or so ago and loved it! But when I went back, I stared at it too long and began thinking silly things like I could have flexed my legs harder, smiled more, etc. Looking at the picture today, it’s great, what was I thinking. So I’m posting it to remind myself

Cassandra Silva Tips on consistently hitting your protein goal 🌟

Protein is the building block to your muscles 💪🏼 I personally try to hit at least 1g per pound of body weight & I track my Marcos using MyFitnessPal 🤍

⭐️ Make sure all your meals have a protein source!

⭐️ Meal prep 1-2 protein sources at a time so it’s convenient. I usually prep chicken & turkey for 3 days at a time for when I’m on the go.

⭐️ Protein supplements!! Having a protein shake helps me to ensure I’m getting enough protein in! I also love protein chips & bars for an alternative.

⭐️ Make sure you’re eating a diet you enjoy! If you feel you are restricting yourself too much or dislike the food you are eating, chances are you are not going to stick to your diet. Explore different recipes & change it up 😊

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