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A few years ago I had surgery on both lower legs for intractable lymphedema… so it freaks me out.
Kidney disease and diabetes just be like that.
My sugars are stable, however, and my coach knows my body well, and we adjust as needed.

I wanted to lay on the couch and cry to my coach all night and skip the gym bc the pain was so severe;
But I got up and trained. It felt good.
I could pout… sometimes I do 🥴… but that doesn’t change the situation. So I just call it a challenge and keep on keeping on.

If you struggle or think you can’t do something bc you have limitations… just know that you are not alone and even the people that seem to have it together, well, we have bad days too. Bad weeks and bad months… but you gotta keep going.

My coach and I discuss this a lot- long femurs 🦴 make everything hard. But we gettin it together. Atleast I have a short Achilles and low insertions.
It’s taken me a minute to find my groove after spending so much time catabolizing quads and 4 leg surgeries.

It’s my baby’s 11th birthday.
Pai is the mousse to our 3’ musketeers.
He has a form of Asperger’s called social pragmatic disorder… he cannot lie.
He has this dry sense of humor and is the funniest person I know.
As funny as he is, he is equally smart… And he is super protective.
I couldn’t imagine life without him

  1. Biography – Maria Garcia
  • Real Name – Maria Garcia
  • Nickname – maria
  • Nationality – United States
  • Date Of Birth – 1980
  • Age – 42
  • Height Weight – Height 5.7 in Weight 68

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