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Nowadays numerous people join the gym. Either they want to burn fat or gain weight. Moreover, they try different workouts to get faster results. Unfortunately, no fine results they get. therefore, They leave the Gym. Have you ever thought about why it’s all not working? Well, fitness demands consistency. Cindy Reyes is one of the fitness models that maintain her fitness in an incredible way. And helps people to achieve fitness. Furthermore, Cindy is an inspiration for all of us.

This article is all about Cindy Reyes’s life, fitness journey, social popularity, and much more. If you want to know about her then keep scrolling.

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Cindy Reyes AKA Cindy Baggelaar-Reyes is A beautiful female bodybuilder having an amazing muscular physique. Her muscular fitness is a reason for numerous people’s motivation. Cindy is 39 years old. To know about her early life and social popularity keep on scrolling.


This amazing fitness icon was born in Phoenix, Arizona. However, Raised in Central Florida. Cindy Reyes loves to enhance her muscle fitness and focus on hard workouts to maintain it. Furthermore, If we talk about her Family, Cindy is happily engaged. Furthermore, Cindy Reyes is a mother of a 15-year-old daughter. Cindy loves her daughter so much. Moreover, She balances her busy schedule and spends time with her daughter.

Cindy wears many hats. Unlike other athletes, Cindy does not work in the fitness industry. Cindy wants to make her muscle grow and build her tremendous figure. Moreover, Cindy is not only a fitness icon, but Cindy Reyes is also in the profession of Nurse Anesthesiologist. She has completed her Under Graduation(UG) in Bachelor in Nursing. Further, Cindy Reyes accomplished her Post graduation(PG) in Nurse Anesthesiologist.

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If we talk about Cindy’s fitness journey, She faced many obstacles in her life. Yet, Cindy Decided to make a move for her. Moreover, Cindy worked so hard to achieve success in her life. However, Cindy Reyes is not a fitness athlete. But, Cindy loves to train her body, especially her legs. For maintaining her figure, Cindy Reyes follows different diets and training plans according to her body.

Cindy Reyes is an IFBB PRO Fitness Model. Moreover, Cindy is competing since 2013. Fortunately, Cindy got her IFBB PRO status in 2020 at NPC North American Championship. Evidently, Cindy states that she is still working in her life to maintain her fitness.


As soon Cindy started posting her photos on Social Media. A huge fan following she gained on social media. Moreover, Numerous people started admiring her beauty and love her muscular physique. Cindy Reyes’s Fans love her, support her and also get motivation from her. She has more than 20K Followers on Instagram.

Also, Cindy is a true inspiration for all those females who think they can’t achieve their fitness goals. Besides, Not only do Cindy Reyes’s Fans love her, but concurrently, Cindy feels delighted to get support from her loving fans and Cindy feels blessed to have such a fan family.

A Message from CINDY REYES for her loving FANS

Thank you for all the support and motivation, It’s truly appreciated. When I have my hard/rough day, It’s the motivation from the fans that keep me going.

Cindy Baggelaar-Reyes


Cindy is very conscious about her diet plan as well as her workout routine. Generally, Cindy follows different routines according to competition season and competition offseason. For Contest prep Cindy follows a macronutrient count which is adjusted weekly. Also, It is based on how her body is looking and responding.

Furthermore, In the Improvement season, Cindy practices intuitive eating with a high protein diet. Besides, Cindy adds supplements to her diet to enhance her body fitness. Cindy’s preferred supplements are

  • BCAA”S
  • Multivitamin
  • Glutamine
  • Omega-3
  • Calcium
  • Vitamin C

If we talk about her training session, Cindy states “Generally the split and exercises stay same until she reaches about 4 weeks. After that, At that point, Cindy jumps from her exercise to machine, in order to prevent injuries. Also, Cindy follows 6 days of workouts weekly to train her body. Moreover, She focuses on Leg development. Cindy prefers a variation of the compound and isolated movements to build up her body.

QUICK VIEW-Cindy Reyes

Model NameCindy Reyes
Full NameCindy Baggelaar-Reyes
ProfessionNurse Anesthesiologist
BirthdayAug 29, 1981
BirthplacePhoenix, AZ
Raised inCentral Florida
Country USA
Currently livingOrlando, FL
Physical Apperence
Height5′ 6.5″
WeightCompetition season=153lbs
Competition off season= 175lbs
Skin ColorWhite
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorLight Brown
College UG Bachelor’s degree in Nursing
Post-graduation(PG)Masters’s degree in Nursing Anesthesia
Family and Relationship
Martial StatusEngaged
Boyfriend/SpouseDavid Fenty
Child 1
Child nameAlanna(15-year-old daughter)
Net Worth And Social Platform
Net WorthN/A
Income SourceNursing anesthesiologist


  • Fitness lover
  • A proud mother of a 15-year-old daughter
  • Working as a Nurse Anesthesiologist
  • Cindy always appreciates her fans’ support and motivation.
  • Unlike other athletes, Cindy Reyes doesn’t work in the fitness industry.


What is Cindy Reyes’s Profession?Cindy Reyes is in the profession of Nurse Anesthesiologist
Does Cindy drink alcohol?No
Can Cindy cook food?Her cooking skills are limited to basic bodybuilding foods and enjoy cooking on the grill. Unfortunately, Cindy suffered from 2nd and 3rd-degree burns after a kitchen fire in her 20s, the experience made her flee far from the kitchen but she’s slowly finding her way back.
How many children does Cindy have?One little 15-year-old daughter
Does Cindy use supplements?Yes

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