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Nowadays numerous people join the gym. Either they want to burn fat or gain weight. Moreover, they try different workouts to get faster results. Unfortunately, no fine results they get. therefore, They leave the Gym. Have you ever thought about why it’s all not working? Well, fitness demands consistency. Melissa Gonzalez AKA Mel G is one of the fitness models that provide proper guidance. And helps people to achieve fitness.

This article is all about Melissa Gonzalez’s life, fitness journey, social popularity, and much more. If you want to know about her then keep scrolling.

Melissa Gonzalez

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BIOGRAPHY Melissa Gonzalez

Melissa Gonzalez was born and raised in Tampa, Florida. Her parents were from Lebanese and Puerto Rican parents. Melissa is very famous for her fitness as well as her women’s empowerment. Gonzalez kicked off her business as a fitness coach. She is the CEO and Owner of Fit Esteem.

Mel also explained how much she loves to help others. Gonzalez states that her love for fitness is something divine. When she was in her teens. She always tries to maintain her fitness. Mel explained how she worked so hard to maintain her body. She played so many sports as well as school competitions. Therefore, Her hard training and workouts helped her a lot on her way to success.

Melissa Gonzalez


Mel G hasn’t disclosed the details about her family. Well, The way she is achieving success in her life, Definitely her parents will be proud of her. We are continuously trying to know about her family details. Therefore, Her fans get a happy vibe from knowing more about her favorite fitness model Mel G.

Mel G Journey Melissa Gonzalez

Mel G started her journey a few years ago in the music industry as a writer. Later on, she joined the gym to build her physique. She fell in love with fitness. Melissa states that training gave her the same rush as running track. Moreover, Mel G added that fitness helped her a lot make a proper guided mindset. Mel G said her platform began to grow when she created videos and one of the videos goes viral.

Therefore, Mel G kick off her journey as a fitness coach and created another brand called Fit-esteem where she helped people to empower with self-confidence. Melissa stated that the journey wasn’t so easy. But, Hard Work can make anything possible. Moreover, Mel G said every challenge she endured has taught her things that she needed to know to move forward in life.

Melissa explained how hard was her journey as she failed many times trying to build her business. Mel G said people always look at your bright side or happy side, But least know what takes place behind the scenes. Melissa said when we work hard and give our best, then even if there is so much struggle in life, The journey is meant to be beautiful.


Melissa Gonzalez Aka Mel G wears many hats. She is a notorious female author who keeps empowering millions of women to get success. Melissa runs a fitness Gym and changed numerous women’s life. She is a brilliant singer along with a songwriter. Recently, Melissa states that she loves to make her body fit and healthy.

Melissa had more than 1Million followers on Instagram. Melissa always helps others to maintain their body in perfect shape. Her amazing figure is the reason behind her huge fan following. Mel G guides her fan in a proper way to learn how to build a body. Besides, Mel G shares her photos and videos on social media. She has a website where clients can join her gym sessions.


Melissa has earned so much popularity and love from her fans. Mel G is an inspiration for all youngsters. At the age of 21, Mel G became a spotlight and got success worldwide. Not only is, Melissa inspired numerous people to gain a perfect body type. Mel G is a blessing for all those women who wants an ideal in her life.

Besides, Mel G trains many people to get a successful career in their lives. She is a motivation for everyone. Mellisa state that the all love she’s getting from her fans and clients is really a blessing for her.

Further, Melissa added that due to the COVID pandemic, Domestic violence and other abusive behavior have been raised. Mel G believes that it is our duty to help all those women who need support. Melissa build support for all those women who are abused and faced with many problems. As Mel said

“I put my music career on the shelf because I truly felt more fulfilled helping others reach their goals, and I also wanted to focus on songwriting more than being the artist”

Melissa Gonzalez (Mel G)

 Mel G said. Melissa’s brand is all about empowering women, It represents strength, determination, empowerment, and independence for all women.


Unfortunately, there is no information about her better half or boyfriend.


Model NameMelissa Gonzalez
ProfessionSinger, Songwriter, Fitness/Wellness Coach, and Entrepreneur
HometownTampa, Florida
Zodiac signN/A
Currently LivingLos Angeles, California
Physical Apperence
Skin ColorWhite
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
Higher EducationN/A
Family and Relationship
Martial StatusUnmarried
Net Worth And Social Platform
Net Worth$2Million(Approx.)
Income SourceSocial Media, Brands, Fitness Gym

Training and Diet routine

If we talk about Melissa Gonzalez’s workout, Mel G likes to do a lot of carb cycling. Especially when it’s crunch time, her body reacts really well to it. Moreover, Mel G pushing heavyweight for the mass. Burpees, mountain climbers, and sprints. According to Melissa Gonzalez 5 things that are essential for everyone when it’s about fitness.

  • Actual routine
  • The colors that you wear
  • The excitement you show in the vid
  • Music you use
  • A helpful, instructional caption for viewers

Melissa usually doesn’t have a set time, just as long as Mel gets all my meals in. Mel G tries to control her craving habits till Saturday and only on Sunday she takes a cheat meal. After that, Mel G does her cardio session to lose those extra calories. Therefore, After a sweaty workout, Mel G goes straight to the shower and do the norm.

Mel G doesn’t have a specific one. But considers amino, A good woman’s multivitamin, BCAAs, etc.


Who is Melissa Gonzalez?Melissa Gonzalez is a famous Singer, Songwriter, Fitness/Wellness coach and Entrepreneur. She is also known as Mel G.
Mel G favortie food?N/A
Melissa Gonzalez activewear brands?Lululemon & Adidas.
Mel G skin and hair care routine?Regular face wash and regular full shower.
Melissa Gonalez facebook @melgfit
Melissa Gonalez Instgram @melgfit
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