Suelen bissolati Female Bodybuilder

As you all know that there are many bodybuilders in the fitness industry working hard to get a good name and fame. Today we are going to tell you about a very hot female bodybuilder. Whose dream was to be an amazing bodybuilder, this bodybuilder has put a lot of effort for making her body. So let’s start with her beautiful name.


Her name is Suelen bissolati. She lives in Brazil. By profession, she is a motivational speaker and a bodybuilder. Suelen bissolati is also a fitness model. She got a lot of name fame when she started posting her fitness pics on social media.

Her attractive and amazing body fitness is a reason for her huge fan following. Suelen bissolati’s strong and muscular body is liked worldwide. Her fan following is increasing day by day.

Fitness life

Suelen bissolati follows a very hard and strong workout as well as diet plan. Moreover, she shares her workout routine and diet plan chart to her fans on social media. She wants people to feel fit and active all over the world. Suelen bissolatis attractive body has been liked for many years. She focuses on the hard workout and proper diet plan. As a result, she got instant fitness and good health.

By the way, Suelen bissolati trains all her body parts through workouts. But she loves to do legs workout. During the training she lifts heavyweight. She’s also interested in high-intensity workouts. Before starting her workout routine she never forgets to do a warm-up.

Fitness Routine
Suelen bissolati works out in the gym 6 days a week out of which 2 days she workout on her legs.
With a hard workout routine, she also follows a well-maintained diet plan. Suelen bissolati eats high protein food such as fish, brown rice, sweet potatoes, olive oil, bananas or broccoli, and Spanish. She doesn’t have fond of eating a cheat meal. Rather she eats cheat meals 1 or 2 times a month.

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suelen bissolati height weight

5.6 in 68kg

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