Sonia Isaza

Hello guys, everyone wants to have a fit body to enhance their personality. Today in this article we are going to tell you about a female bodybuilder who has an amazing personality. She is very beautiful and hot. This beautiful female bodybuilder with a curvy figure. So let’s start with her beautiful name.



Her name is Sonia Isaza. She was born in Colombia in 1988. Her height is about 5’3 inches. Her weight remains about 52 kg in the competition season. And in the competition off-season, her weight is about 57 kg. By profession, she is a fitness model, bodybuilder, and famous social media celebrity.


Sania ISAZA was inspired by fitness only after seeing bikini models. She started her fitness journey at the age of20. Sania read different fitness models and bikini models’ magazines and got inspired. Moreover, she started doing a lot of exercises. She sees a lot of changes in their body. Then, she joined the gym and continuously trained herself for 2 years. After that, she started participating in competitions.


After getting a freaking awesome physique she got famous on social media. So many people started following her. She always shares her workout videos. In addition, She also shares diet plan chart photos on her social media for her fans.

Moreover, She also participated in many high-level competitions in California, USA. Saina is quite fit and active since her childhood. In her childhood, she always takes part in school sports competitions.

How does she start?

In the beginning, When she joined the gym she doesn’t have much knowledge about diet plans and workouts. Therefore, she hired a fitness coach for training. After a couple of months, she started doing a hard workout.
At the beginning of her fitness journey, she started participating in the local shows in California. One of the biggest competitions she has participated in is the Arnold classic held in Australia.


Nowadays she’s inspiring many women for fitness. Sonia loves to do workouts for legs and abs. She workout about 6 days a week. She follows a very strict diet plan.

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