Lisa Buckwitz Oly Age Biography (lisa_buckwitz)

Hello guys, today this article is dedicated to a female fitness influencer who is famous as a professional athlete. She is gaining fame very fast on social media platforms like on Instagram and YouTube. We will discuss lots of information like about her early life, biography, boyfriend, net worth, height, weight and much more detailed information about her.

Lιѕa Вυcĸwιтz OLY (@lisa_buckwitz) • Instagram photos and videos

Biography of Lisa Buckwitz Oly

Lisa Buckwitz Oly is a professional athlete from Germany, she is known on various social platforms for influencing people towards fitness. She has participated in many athletic competitions and also won medals and became a professional athlete.

If we tell you about Lisa Buckwitz Oly’s early life then she was passionate about fitness from the very beginning like she used to play all outdoor games in her school days. Lisa Buckwitz Oly also used to play games in her college during her teenage. Lisa Buckwitz Oly was born on 2 December 1994 in Berlin, Germany. Currently, she travels all over the world but she has nationality of Germany only.

Lisa Buckwitz
Full NameLisa Buckwitz Oly  
Profession  Model, athlete, fitness influencer
Date of Birth2 December 1994  

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Physical Measurements of Lisa Buckwitz Oly

Lisa Buckwitz Oly has an athletic body structure, she is also doing modelling on her social media accounts like on Instagram. Lisa Buckwitz Oly’s height is 5 Feet 8 inches and her weight is around 70kg as available on the Internet.

Height of Lisa Buckwitz Oly5 Feet 8 Inches  
Weight of Lisa Buckwitz Oly70+kg  
Lisa Buckwitz

Social Media Gathering of Lisa Buckwitz Oly

Lisa Buckwitz Oly is growing very fast on social media because she is influencing people through her Instagram account. She wears the latest trending clothes as a model for her Instagram posts. Lisa Buckwitz Oly has around 491k followers on her Instagram account. You can also find some YouTube videos about fitness motivation. One more fact about Lisa Buckwitz Oly is that she is a playboy, most of her fanbase likes her because of being a playboy. She has also launched a magazine about her Playboy story. She launched it in March 2022.

Net Worth of Lisa Buckwitz Oly

The primary source of Lisa Buckwitz Oly’s income is social media earnings and athletic competitions, she is a gold medalist in the Olympics. She is a great example of fitness with beauty. 1 million US Dollars is the estimated amount of Lisa Buckwitz Oly’s net worth.

Net worth1 million US Dollars  
Lisa Buckwitz

Relationships or Boyfriend of Lisa Buckwitz Oly

Lisa Buckwitz Oly is currently focusing only on building her career, she has not disclosed any information about her relationship status because she is a playboy. These days she is only in love with her social media fans, travelling and her gym workout. There can not be any boyfriend of Lisa Buckwitz Oly as she is a playboy but we can’t say any confirming statement on this, she is enjoying her life and growing.

Workout and Diet Information of Lisa Buckwitz Oly

Lisa Buckwitz Oly from her school days, loves focusing on endurance by doing high-intensity workouts and lots of cardio. She does 6 days of workout in a week and on her rest day, she does cardio and stretching for strength and endurance. If we tell you about Lisa Buckwitz Oly’s meals and diet plan then she loves eating dry fruits, fresh fruits, veggies, eggs chicken etc. During her cheat days, she loves having ice cream the most. If you want to know more about her diet plan you can check her premium diet plan on her Instagram account.

FAQ:- Lisa Buckwitz Oly

Who is Lisa Buckwitz Oly?

Lisa Buckwitz is a professional Olympic athlete and fitness influencer on social media.

What is the nationality of Lisa Buckwitz Oly?

The nationality of Lisa Buckwitz is German.

What is the age of Lisa Buckwitz?

The age of Lisa Buckwitz is 28 years.

What is the net worth of Lisa Buckwitz Oly?

Lisa Buckwitz’s net worth is around 1 million US Dollars.

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