Rachel Jade Age Biography

Hey guys, welcome to this page on internet. Today we are going to read about a Blonde fitness model who is known for uploading adult jokes on her adult reel content. She is famous among her fans for creating entertaining content on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Let’s start firstly reading about her biography.

Biography of Rachel Jade

Rachel Jade is an American fitness model and social media influencer. Rachel Jade was born on 21 October 1987. She is known especially on social media for creating fun and entertaining content.Rachel Jade also influences her audience about fitness, as she is also a fitness lover. She goes to the gym for her daily workouts and to maintain her fitness.

Rachel Jade’s early life was also fit and healthy she used to do home workouts and take care of a good healthy diet. She used to do gym workouts during her teen-age or during her college days.

Full NameRachel Jade  
ProfessionFitness model, social media influencer  
Birthday21 October 1987  

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Social Media Accounts of Rachel Jade

Rachel Jade is a daily growing social media star who has three Instagram accounts. The most grown Instagram account is “rxceegxrl1” which has about 422k followers on it. Another famous account of Rachel Jade is “racheljadexo” which has 160k followers on it. “rachel.jade.reels” is another account with 28.7k followers.

On all these accounts on Instagram, Rachel Jade uploads funny and entertaining content by writing adult jokes in their caption. She also uploads reels and posts in trending outfits like bikini and other new and trending outfits.

Physical Measurements of Rachel Jade

Rachel Jade is a Blonde-milf with an attractive body appearance, she also works hard on her body to maintain her fitness. She has a good figure with attractive tits and booty. Rachel Jade’s height is about 5 Feet 7 inches and her weight is around 63kg.

Height of Rachel Jade5 Feet 7 inches  
Weight of Rachel Jade63kg  

Net Worth of Rachel Jade

Rachel Jade has many sources of earning money like she earns through creating modelling content on her social media accounts like on Instagram. She also promotes a few brands on her social media accounts so that is also a source of her income. The estimated amount of her net worth is around 200k US Dollars.

Workout and Diet Plan of Rachel Jade

Rachel Jade works out daily in the gym to maintain her fitness and health not for herself only, she also works out to influence her followers on social media accounts. She does body stretching in each of her workout routines before and after starting and completing her workouts. If we talk about Rachel Jade’s diet plan she eats whatever she likes, and she prepares her own meals by herself. She loves eating creams, cookies and coffee in her free time and on her rest days. In spite of these, she also consumes a balanced amount of protein, carbs and fats in her diet.


Who is Rachel Jade?

Rachel Jade is an American fitness model and social media influencer

What is the nationality of Rachel Jade?

Rachel Jade was born in the United States of America so she is American

What is the age of Rachel Jade?

Rachel Jade’s age is 36 years

What is the net worth of Rachel Jade?

Rachel Jade’s net worth is around 200k US Dollars

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