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This era is full of busy people. Nowadays fitness is a dream for most people. Everyone wants to get a flat belly and a muscular body. Most teens try to work on their bodies to achieve fitness. Julia Vins is one of those fitness models who leads peers to improve their bodies and provide desired results.

Fitness plays a vital role in our daily life. The more we focus on our body, the we make it healthy. Fitness models, bodybuilders, and athletes work too hard to build their bodies. These people build their physique and help people to grow. This article helps you to know more about fitness and motivates you.

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Education and Family
Net Worth
Social Popularity
Workout and Diet Routine
What is Julia Vins’s birthplace, birthday, nationality, etc?
What is Julia’s Height, Weight, Hair Color, Eye Color, etc?
What is Julia’s Education, Schooling?
Net Worth and Social Platforms
Boyfriend, Relationship, Family


A Russian powerlifter who refused to be a part of the bodybuilding Industry, Julia Vins. She is popularly known as a Russian powerlifter and Fitness model who started her journey at the age of 15 years.

The first day in the gym, build her confidence and she got motivated for weight lifting. She become a rising star when she started competing in powerlifting competitions. Not only this, Julia owns a coffee shop and is famous for being her Barista.

Education and Family

Julia is a Russian girl, At the age of 15 years, she started her journey to Gym, When she first started workouts in the gym. She felt happy when she was in Gym. At that moment she decided to start her career in powerlifting, In 2013, She hired a personal coach for hard work. However, She hasn’t revealed any information about her family yet.

Net Worth

Julia became a powerlifter and set an example for all young girls who wanted to start a career in powerlifting. She has worked with different people in the fitness industry. However, She hasn’t disclosed her income yet. According to sources, Her Estimated income is about $400k USD.

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Social Popularity

When it comes to Julia’s Accomplishments She has made a Record in Lifts
Squat 235 kg, Bench press 140 kg, and Deadlift 190 kg. She become so much popular as she started her career in this field. She has more than 1.1 million followers on Instagram and 859k followers on Facebook.

Workout and Diet Routine

Training is something Julia always loves to maintain discipline for it. She trains her body 5 times weekly. Firstly, She does a 1-2 hour cardio session. Then Long and high-volume workouts. Keep scrolling to know her Training plan and diet routine

Training Plan
MondayTrained: Cardio, Legs, Calves
Exercise: 1-2 hours of running on a treadmill or cardio, Squats, Les Press, Leg Extensions super-setted with lying leg curls machine, Standing Calf Raise, Seated Calf Raise
TuesdayTrained: Chest, Triceps (light)
Exercise: Bench Press, Incline Dumbbell Press, Flat Dumbbell Flyes, Skull-Crushers, Close-grip Bench Press
WednesdayTrained: Shoulders, Triceps (heavy)
Exercise: Military Press/Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press,
Lateral Raises, Front Raises, Rear Delt Dumbbell Raises
ThursdayTrained: Legs, Calves
FridayTrained: Triceps, Back, Chest, Biceps
Exercise: Weighted Pull-ups, Lat Pull-downs, T-Bar Rows, Deadlifts, Barbell Biceps curls, Dumbbell Hamer curls
Diet routine

Julia follows diet according to competition or non-competition season.

  • 3000 kcal per day for gaining lean muscle mass.
  • In macronutrients, Avoids fast carbohydrates and consumes sweet potatoes, brown rice, and healthy fats.
  • For proteins, chicken breasts, egg whites, and fish. Julia intakes 150g of protein per day.
  • Once a week, cheat meal

Supplements Julia uses

  • BCAAs (30-60 grams each day)
  • CLA
  • Creatine
  • Vitamins
  • Fish oil, and glutamine.


What is Julia Vins’s birthplace, birthday, nationality, etc?
Model NameJulia Vins
ProfessionRussian Powerlifter, Fitness Model
Birth year1996
BirthplaceEngels, Russia
What is Julia’s Height, Weight, Hair Color, Eye Color, etc?
Height5 ft 5 inches/ 165cm
Weight135 – 145lbs (61.2 – 65.8kg)
Hair ColorGolden brown
Eye ColorGrey
Body MeasurementsN/A
Body TypeFit
What is Julia’s Education, Schooling?
SchoolingHigh School

Net Worth and Social Platforms

Net Worth$400k USD
SalaryUnder Review
FacebookJulia Vins
Boyfriend, Relationship, Family
Father’s nameN/A
Mother’s nameN/A
Relationship statusSingle
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