Dolly Castro

In the past few years, the Fitness industry has taken off on Social media. Therefore, `Numerous people joined the field of the fitness industry to become trainers and fitness models. Today’s video is about a fitness model who is very famous for her sonsy body. Her name is Dolly Castro Cavez.

However, Dolly Castro Chavez is an idol of many women. Dolly earned incredible fame due to her looks. Whether people want to get fit or just want to know about the lifestyle of the fitness model. Scroll down to know more about her.

BIOGRAPHY-Dolly Castro

A Law student who became an Instagram model and social media influencer. Dolly Castro Chavez, an inspiration for all women. If we talk about how tall Dolly Castro is, Her height is 5’5. Born and raised in Nicaragua. Nowadays, Dolly Castro lives in Los Angeles with her graceful family. Moreover, She has the ability to speak both Spanish and English.

Early Years

From an early age, Dolly Castro daydreamed about becoming a chef, and she loved to cook alongside her mother. Dolly‘s family values the importance of education.

Her family believes that law is a much more honored profession. As a result, She enrolled at the Christian University in Managua, where she graduated with a law degree. Dolly had a quite different career in the Legal field. 

However, She ends up becoming a social media Influencer and Instagram Model. Dolly Castro’s bikini photos are quite famous for her great physique. She studied law at a Christian university in Managua. After completing her studies She gives a try to be a model. Dolly is not only a fitness model with a pretty face. Moreover, She is a highly paid businesswoman.

Dolly Castro Cavez kick off a company called Bars and Branches where you can get all kinds of fitness apparel and workout equipment. Not only this Dolly also worked in various companies. 

Quick view

  • Model Name Dolly Castro Cavez
  •  Date of birth July 14, 1984
  •  Birthplace Managua, Nicaragua, Central America 
  • Age 36 years
  • Height 5 feet 5 inches
  •  Weight 60 kg or 132 pounds 
  • Profession Model, businesswoman
  •  Nationality Nicaraguan 
  • Marital status Married
  •  Spouse Samier Chavez
  •  Daughter Karen Castro


Dolly Castro Cavez is not only an incredible fitness model but a proud mother. She has a little daughter name,d Karen. During her college days in August 2003, A little angel came into her in Dolly’s life. The name of Dolly Castro’s daughter is Karen Castro. She is about 18 years old.

Also, Dolly is a happily married woman. Her husband is Samier Chavez. He is a businessman by profession. They dated for a long time before marriage in 2018.  Karen has made a few appearances on her social media. Also, Karen has a big fan following of her own. Moreover, Karen has more than 1 lakh followers. Apart from this, She got a massive fan following on Instagram as well as on youtube.

Dolly Castro’s Career

When Dolly Castro started her career as a model, she moved to Miami. Dolly begins her work for modeling agencies. Fortunately, she got many opportunities in the industry due to her awesome figure and self-esteem. After getting a good opportunity, Dolly moved her modeling career on social media. Later on, she wanted to inspire others to become fit. Therefore,  In 2012, Dolly launched her YouTube channel and posted her daily routine workouts and other content related to diet, fashion, and fitness. 

The channel has more than 17,000 subscribers. However, She hasn’t posted anything in three years. Dolly Castro has versatile nature. She is not only a model and businesswoman. Additionally, Dolly is a vlogger, clothing designer, and social media personality.


If we talk about dolly’s social media following, Dolly Castro has more than 6 million people following her on Social media. As a result, Many brands are also sponsored by her.

 Dolly loves to wear trends and has a great eye for fashion.  As a model, She graced many cover magazines. For instance, Blackmen Magazine, Cover Shock Magazine, Good Life Magazine, and many more.

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Inspiration for others

Dolly is really a true inspiration for all. Her story inspires many young black girls across the world who dream to become famous models someday. Her outfits enhance her charming beauty. Dolly mostly wears high-end brands like Gucci and Michael Kors.

Nowadays, it’s become very normal for celebrities and most people to enhance their bodies through cosmetic surgery. Many people also think that Dolly had surgery on her butt. However, Dolly never admitted this. Rumors are all-around about such things we always hear up.

Workout and Diet routine

 Whether it is about the workout or diet plans, Dolly takes it too seriously, In order to maintain her perfect figure, Dolly prefers a proper diet and a strict workout routine. Moreover, She always tries to help others as well. She inspires others and herself to do a very intense workout to make herself fit.

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