Sabrina Nic Age Biography (sabrinanic_fit)

Hey guys, today’s article is about a female fitness influencer and fitness model who is known for her cheeky body. She is growing very fast with her hard work and by influencing people towards fitness. Let’s start reading about her, it will take only 5 minutes but you will gain years of information about her with the help of this article.

Biography of Sabrina Nic

Sabrina Nic is a fitness model, bikini model or fitness model on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok with lakhs of followers on each platform. She has just gained or achieved a blue tik on Instagram in August 2023 and her account is continuously growing with her hard work and dedication towards fitness. Sabrina Nic is an American fitness model who was born on 5 January 1998. Her birthdate shows that she is still young and a source of attraction for the upcoming generation that’s why she is growing very fast on social media.

Full NameSabrina Nic  
ProfessionFitness model  
Date of Birth5 January 1998  
Net worth400k US Dollars  

Social Media Growth of Sabrina Nic

As we read Sabrina Nic is growing very fast on social media due to her fitness and content about fitness. She has about 283k followers on her Instagram account and 285.9k followers on TikTok. On her social media accounts, Sabrina Nic uploads posts in bikinis and shows some of her own clothing brands like ‘@fevermiami’. Not only fevermiami she also sponsors other sports clothing brands like @darcsports which is also a clothing brand and @WOLFpak which created gym bag-packs, shakes and flasks etc.

Followers on Instagram283k  
Followers on TikTok285.9k  

Physical Measurements of Sabrina Nic

Sabrina Nic has a curvy body structure with shapes of legs that make her look more attractive. The reason behind having a good leg shape is her dedication towards training her legs the most. Sabrina Nic’s height is about 5 feet 6 inches and her weight is around 64kg, the combination of her height and weight makes her look like a beauty with great fitness.

Height of Sabrina Nic5 Feet 6 inches  
WeightAround 64kg  
Body structureWide and curvy body  

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Boyfriend of Sabrina Nic

Sabrina Nic is an old fitness model who is working in collaboration with more than 10 fitness brands and she also owns her own fitness brands. So she is currently focusing on building her career with fitness only. She has not disclosed her relationship status or about her boyfriend

Workout Plans of Sabrina Nic

Sabrina Nic enjoys a workout routine of 6 days per week. In the whole week of her workout routine, the most loveable part of her training is her leg day. She loves lifting heavy weights on her legs and booty. She also loves training her legs with professional bodybuilders and fitness models, you can find many posts of her leg pieces of training with professionals. Sabrina Nic loves training her glutes and hamstrings in her legs, she took years to build strong and attractive legs with good shape and natural beauty.

Diet Plan of Sabrina Nic

Sabrina Nic also loves the eating part of her fitness journey, she is in partnership with a fitness meal company @humusfit. She eats most of her meals from this platform. Sabrina Nic’s favourite meals include sticky rice, flank steak bits, fresh grilled veggies, ground beef, jasmine rice, paprika, Spanish onions, chicken kebab, seasoned red cube potatoes, low-fat yoghurt and spinach. She also includes some protein supplements, pre-workouts, multivitamins anxiety relievers etc.


Who is Sabrina Nic?

Sabrina Nic is a fitness model and social media content creator.

What is the nationality of Sabrina Nic?

Sabrina Nic is an American citizen.

What is the age of Sabrina Nic?

Sabrina Nic’s age is about 25 years old as she was born in the year 1998.

What is the net worth of Sabrina Nic?

Sabrina Nic’s estimated net worth is about 400k US Dollars.

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