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Hello guys, As you all know that everyone wants to have a fit body to enhance their personality. Today in this article we are going to tell you about a female bodybuilder who has an amazing personality. A fitness master. This article includes her birth, fitness journey, age, etc.

Toughness is in the soul and spirit of this fitness model. She never thought of giving up after facing so many problems in life. This female bodybuilder is a perfect example of beauty with a brain. So, Let’s start with her beautiful name Nikki Pennella



Her name is Nikki Pennella. She was born on 11 December 1977. Nikki Pennella lives in Florida, USA. Above all, Her weight in the season of the competition is 60 Kg and in the competition of the season is 63 Kg. Nikki’s height is about 5’2. By profession, Nikki Pennella is a Fitness model and Bodybuilding coach.


Currently, Nikki lives in Bonnell. She has also known as Nikki A Hottinger and Nikki Ann Hottinger and many other names. According to the sources Nikki’s annual income is about $40 – 49,999. This means her net worth that tops $10,000 – $24,999.

At the time when she joined the gym, she was too skinny. Therefore, Nikki Pennella decided to join the gym to make herself fit. She followed a proper workout and diet plan. Moreover, She has many followers on social media. Nikki Pennella helps many people to achieve their fitness goals. Her Instagram id is @nikki_pennella. Above all, She has a YouTube channel also.

After a couple of times, Nikki Pennella perfectly maintained her body in an incredible way. After that, she started participating in bikini competitions. Nikki Pennella performed very well in all those competitions. She is an awarded NPC Figure Competitor, Fitness model, and Bodybuilding coach.


She has won multiple titles in her category over the years. Moreover, Nikki Pennella is next aiming for an IFBB PRO CARD.

Certainly, there is a list of a few competitions she participated and performed very well in that.
2019 NPC Atlantic Coast Championships
Fig- Masters over40
Fig- Masters over35
Fig- Class A [1st]
2018 NPC Daytona Beach Classic
Fig- Masters over40
Fig- Masters over35
Fig- Class B [1st]
2018 NPC North American Championships
Fig- Masters over40 Class B
Fig- Masters over35 Class B) [5th]
2017 NPC Daytona Beach Classic
Fig- Masters over35
Fig Class A [1st]
2019 NPC Teen Collegiate & Masters National Championships
Fig- Masters over40 [3rd]
Fig- Masters over35 [5th]


BIRTHDAY11th December 1977
HEIGHT5′ 2.5
WEIGHT60 Kg to 63 Kg


If we talk about her workout routine she warms up for at least half an hour. Then she starts doing workouts. Nikki Pennella is always full of energy. She loves to do exercises on the Biceps and Chest.

She is very interested in Powerlifting. In addition, she has also played many competitions in powerlifting. Nikki Pennella has a huge fan following all over the world. Further, She has maintained her fitness so well that everyone wants to be fit like her.

Now, let’s talk about her diet plan. Nikki Pennella follows a very lean diet plan. Pennella never skips her diet routine. For instance, Nikki Pennella only once a month eats the cheat meal. This is the main reason for her wonderful body.

In Conclusion, She has followed her dreams. Nikki Pennella never thought of giving up. She motivates people to do workout and also help them to achieve their goals.

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