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A fitness model famed as MissFit

Fitness is Something we all want in our life. Nowadays, People do hard workouts in Gym. Yet, Not getting much fitness. The main reason behind this is, Improper diet plan and fitness routine. Guidance is really important for all of us. Whether you are a girl or a boy, It doesn’t matter what matters are fitness. A simple girl with high dreams got Abdunce of success and famed as Missfit- Mia Sand.

Fitness represents your Attitude. Mia Sand always follows different ways to make her physique better. Moreover, Mia provides services to her clients. Today’s article evolves around Mia’s Biography, early life, fitness journey, workout routines, and much more. Whether you are a girl or a boy, This article leads you to a better understanding of fitness. So, Keep on scrolling.

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Mia Sand a fitness icon and online sensation. Certainly, Mia is notorious in the world of fitness. Mia Sand was born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark, Europe. Moreover, Mia’s very well known as Miss Mia Fit. Her biography encapsulates her early life, fitness journey, struggling phase, and Achievement. Therefore, If you guys want to know more about Mia then keep scrolling.

Early life

Mia was born and raised in Denmark. On 11 Oct 1987, She was born. Mia holds danish nationality. Surprisingly, Her parents are of German and Faroese descent. Therefore, we can say Mia is a mix-up of these. Additionally, Mia states that she loves her hometown, Copenhagen. Mia is habitual of the wonderful atmosphere, beautiful architecture, and amazing shopping markets of her country. Additionally, Mia said that her country represents classic and modern art. 


Mia has fond of reading popular science books and magazines. This fitness model is matriculated from a high school in Copenhagen in 2014. However, Mia hasn’t shared any information related to her educational background. 

Family Background

Again, Mia hasn’t disclosed her family life. It seems Mia wants to keep it private. Therefore, She hasn’t shared any information about her siblings also.

Personal Life

Mia shared some photos of her on social media with her loving husband. Her husband name is Rune Jakobsen. Mia and Rune started their loving journey from a blind date through a local dating website. After a few month, They got happily married.

Mia gave birth to a child only at the age of 19. Later, God blessed rune and Mia with another baby boy on 20 July 2018. Therefore, Mia is a mother of 2 children, the Older one is Sean, and the younger one is Norr. Most Importantly, Mia and her husband follow the same profession. Rune is a Danish bodybuilder and fitness bodybuilder who works in the same Gym as Mia.

Fitness journey

Mia started her journey as a fitness model. Then after doing hard-worked and due to her strong determination people started noticing her. When she uploaded her first photo on Instagram. People started admiring her for her muscular body and dazzling beauty. 

Therefore, Mia got motivated and started posting her photos and videos related to workout and diet plans. Mia suffered many problems during her fitness journey. Evidently, Her hard work paid off. She got huge popularity in the world. If you want to know more about her fitness journey, then keep scrolling. 

Struggling Phase

Mia faced many obstacles in her life. Yet, She worked so hard to achieve her dreams. Before becoming a personal trainer she worked as a personal caretaker.  Mia faced so many problems in her life. Her journey wasn’t easy. Being a mother, She has a lot of responsibility. Well, Mia managed all these things amazingly.

Throughout her journey, Mia Sand balanced her work in an incredible way. Mia is a true inspiration for all those women who dreamt to get of youthful fitness. Being a mother Mia managed all her responsibility as a mother as well as a fitness woman.  When she gave birth to her child, She got overweighted. Therefore, Mia decided to overcome this. Therefore, She started doing workouts in the Gym.


Due to her strong determination, Mia broke all the records and turned Instagram star. Certainly, When she started sharing her photos and video of her fit and muscular body. Many people started following and admiring her incredible beauty. Besides, Mia’s amazing fitness workouts have been featured on various YouTube Channels.

Apart from this, Mia not only earned popularity. She became an online sensation and many brands started sponsoring her.

Social Media Sensation

A famous Instagram star and fitness icon Mia sand is also famous by the name given by her online alias- Miss Mia Fit. In January 2017, was the first time that mia joined Twitter. In a few days, Mia got more than 11,000 followers. Also, She was tweeted over 120 times. This was really shocking for her. If we talk about Mia’s Instagram account, She has more than 1.2M followers on IG. Evidently, Her Instagram has more than 1,000 photos of her account. Further, 80,000 fans on her Facebook page.

The huge popularity of this Danish fitness model is the reason why many brands follow her. Mia has a very unique and muscular-curvy figure, Admired by the whole world. Sand kicked off her journey as a mother of only 4 years child. 

Mia Sand build her own fan following by doing hard work and struggle. She motivated many people and inspired numerous women to achieve their fitness goals.

Moreover, Mia collaborated with many YouTube Channels. For Instance, My Fitness girls, Fitness Superstar, Big Booty TV, and Its Booty Thing. 

Well, Mia is currently active only on Instagram and Twitter. She is the least active on Facebook.

Workout And Diet Routine

If we talk about Mia’s fitness and diet routine. She is very conscious about her diet and workout plans. Moreover, Mia tries to manage it in numerous ways. For being a successful coach as well as a fitness model, Mia does challenging workouts. Moreover, She added that fitness is not only about the workout, but, the mental state of a person also matters. Mia states that consistency plays a vital role in fitness. Definitely, Mia’s workout schedule must be very tight.

Fitness/ Workout routine

To maintain her fitness she mixup powerlifting and bodybuilding. Mia focuses on doing hard exercises with low reps. For some change, Mia usually changes her routine to easy exercise- for giving her body some rest. Further, then changes to a hard intense workouts.

  1. Mia has 3 cardio sessions weekly.
  2. Her Arm exercise encapsulates dumbbell bicep curls, Assisted chin-ups, and skull crushers with 2 warmup sets. Additionally, cable triceps pushdown set with dips and cable biceps curls are also included.
  1. Mostly, Mia is more famous for her fat loss workout which includes drop sets and supersets. (20-second rest in each set)
  2. Her favorite exercises are dips, squats, and bench presses.
  3. On weekly, Mia’s workout sessions are made of heavy compound exercises and low reps. Also, She states that cardio helps her heart pump all through sessions.
Diet Plan

If we talk about her diet planning, Mia always tries her best to maintain a proper diet chart. So, It helps her to intake high healthy fat. Mia focuses on taking meals six times a day. Mia eats food that is rich in proteins, for Instance, Chicken. She tries to avoid fatty foods. Mostly, Her diet chart encapsulates eggs, vegetables, fruits, fish, and meat. Most Importantly, Mia doesn’t intake any kind of supplements.

Net Worth

As a fitness model, a Personal trainer trains numerous people for fitness. For sure, Mia Sand earns a huge amount of money. Moreover, Various brands contribute to her net worth. According to sources, It is sure Mia earns up to $4000-$5000(Approx) through her social media sites. Mia Sand’s Net worth is around $1.5 million. 

10 Fine Facts About Mia Sand

  1. At the age of 14, Mia had a tough biopsy of her pancreas.
  2. Through a dating website, Mia finds her true love, Her husband Ruan on a blind date. Bind up more than 10 years now. 
  3. Mia’s husband also follows a similar passion- Fitness. And Bodybuilding.
  4. This hard working famous fitness model also worked as a personal caretaker
  5. Mia has numerous scars on her body from accidents. Still, Mia loves to do hard workouts.
  6. Sand has 2 tattoos, one of them is a Zodiac sign other one is her son’s name.
  7. Mia believes that she is very clumsy.
  8. Sand had many surgeries on the different parts of the body. For Instance, Her ankles, shoulders, knees, and ribs numerous times.
  9. Mia believes that her lucky number is 7.
  10. A huge interest in Science reading. Therefore, Mia Sand named herself- Scienceworm. 

Quick View

All we know about Mia Sand

Model NameMia Sand
ProfessionFitness model, Personal trainer
Famous asMiss Mia Fit
BirthdayOctober 11, 1987
HometownCopenhagen, Denmark, Europe
CitizenOntario, Canada
Zordic SignLibra
Age40 (In 2020)
Family And Personal Life
Marital statusMarried
SpouseRune Jakobsen
Children’s name1.Sean
Physical Appearence
Height5’7″ (170 cm)
Weight79Kg-83Kg (175-185 lbs)
Hair color Blonde
Eye colorGreen
Body size36-24-38
Higher EducationN/A
Mia’s First jobAs a Personal caretaker
HobbiesReading, Travel
Mia’ Favorite ActorNikolaj Coster- Waldau
Favorite ActoressConnie Nielsen
Mia’ Favorite Dish/foodSmorrebrod, Frikadeller, Porl Roast
Favorite colorBlue, Red, Black
Mia’ Favorite SportFootball, Swimming
Social Media And Net Worth
Net worth$1.5 million
Income SourceSocial Media, Coaching, Training Centre


How to get Mia Sand Nude pictures?Speaking frankly, Mia Sand is a Family woman and doesn’t do nude photoshoots.
Mia Sand porn?Again, the answer is NO. She is a fitness model who shares her fitness lifestyle, Not a pornstar.
Mia sand Husband?His name is Rune Jacobson.
Her Bra size?44D
Workout Routine?Selfmade workout and diet plan.
Does Mia provide online coaching?Yes, Mia provides paid coaching globally. For This, You can DM her on Instagram.
Does Mia go to the Gym?Obviously, Yes
Does Mia Sand drinks alcohol?N/A
Mia Sand’s Hobbies? Photography, reading, learning, traveling, internet surfing, etc
Sand’ Father’s NameN/A
Mia’ Mother’s NameN/A
Where does Mia Sand born?Denmark.
Who is Mia Sand?Fitness model, Personal trainer, Online Sensation
Where does Mia sand post?Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter
How old is Mia Sand?40 ( In 2020)
Mia sand before and after Photo?Mia posted it on Her Instagram.
Popular name of Mia?Missmiafit or Missmiafitness
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