Lili Dong Age Biography (lilidong_ifbbpro)

Welcome! This page on internet is about beautiful female model who is famous on various social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok and OnlyFans. This beautiful model is a regular content creator on social media. In this article we will let you read about her biography, height, weight, net-worth and relationships etc. let’s start firstly reading about her life and biography.

Biography of Lili Dong

Lili Dong is a professional content creator and model on social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Onlyfans and YouTube. is famous for her content creation, like she creates spicy content too on platforms like OnlyFans. She provides paid videos and more services on her OnlyFans account which have lakhs of fan following. If we talk about the Lili Dong’s nationality, she was born in United States country where Lili Dong’s date of birth is 21 january 1995. According to her date of birth her age is about 29 years old.

Full nameLili Dong  
ProfessionFitness model, athlete
NationalityUnited States
Birthday21 january 1995
Age as of 202429
Height of5 feet 4 inches
Weight of60 kg

Lili Dong Age Height Weight

Lili Dong is very attractive in each of her outfits she wears, because the kind of figure, Height 5.4 and Weight 60kg she has, suits to her body structure. According to her age her physical measurements looks like she is still very young. Lili Dong’s weight is also that much perfect that makes perfection in her body mass according to her height.

Lili Dong Boyfriend and relationships

Lili Dong is a beautiful, fit, attractive and successful model, but she is very private about her relationship status. But according to some news or rumors on internet boyfriend is Updated.

Social media Fame of Lili Dong

Lili Dong is very active on many popular social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and OnlyFans. She regularly uploads videos and posts on her Instagram, TikTok and YouTube account lilidong_ifbbpro 200K. Followers If talking about her OnlyFans account she provides paid Ad content to her OnlyFans account visitors. She provides lots of paid content to her users. But on other social media platforms that are available on internet are providing Lili Dong’s OnlyFans leaks or leak videos.

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