Lena Ajoy Age Biography (lenaajoy)

Hello everyone, this article is going to tell you about a German female fitness model, who is famous for her fitness content on social media platforms like Instagram. We will tell you about her early life, age, height, weight, net worth and workout plan. 

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Lena Ajoy Biography

Lena Ajoy is a professional fitness model, coach and social media content-creator, she was born on 27 November 1990 in Germany. Lina has German nationality but she travels in about all part of the world. 

Lena Ajoy early life was also attached to fitness because she used to do participate in her school’s outdoor games. That is the reason she is passionate about fitness and she is working out with heavy weights in gym from her college days and now these days she is providing online training programs to her clients. 

Full Name Lena Ajoy
ProfessionFitness model, Coach, social media influencer
Birthday 27 November 1990
Age 33
Birthplace Germany

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Body Measurements of Lena Ajoy

Lena Ajoy has an aesthetic body structure with an attractive figure which is maintained from years by her hard work. She lifts lots of weights and does so much of cardio to maintain her body structure. 

Lina’s height is 5 Feet 3 inches and weight is around 55kg. 

Height of Lina5 Feet 3 inches
Weight of Lina 55kg

About Social Media Popularity of Lena Ajoy

Lena Ajoy is a regular content creator on social media platform like on Instagram, she creates knowledgeable content about fitness and health lifestyle including traveling posts and shorts in them. 

Lena Ajoy followers on Instagram with username “@lenaajoy” 540k. People also search Lina on OnlyFans including Lina’s OnlyFans leaks.

Instagram username of Lina“@lenaajoy
Instagram followers540k 

Net Worth of Lena Ajoy

Lena Ajoy is earning from lots of sources including brands promotions, online trainings and modelling. She travels on all over part of world and she is living a luxurious healthy lifestyle that means she has a good net worth, but the primary source of her income is promotions and online trainings. The estimated net worth of Lena Ajoy is around 900k US Dollars. 

Lena Ajoy Relationships and Boyfriend

Lena Ajoy uploads workout shorts with some of her female friends but she has not uploaded any post or short with her boyfriend or life-partner. Either she has not declared any information about her upcoming future partner. She is currently single and focusing on living a fit and healthy lifestyle. 

Workout And Diet Plans of Lena Ajoy

Lina workouts for 6 times in a week and she loves lifting heavy weights including some cardio and stretching sessions in each of her workout. Lina starts each of her workout with few minutes of warm-up. Lina trains every part of her body the more she loves training is her legs. She lifts lots of heavy weights on her legs. If we tell you about Lina’s diet plan then she shared lots of meal plans of her whole. She consumes around 2000 calories from whole day of eating, she most loveable items for her is rice, veggies & chicken, protein wrap with jam, protein shake and chocolate rice cakes. 

Lena Ajoy also includes some skin caring and other health products to maintain her body health and beauty. 


Who is Lena Ajoy?

Lena Ajoy is a professional fitness model, coach and social media influencer. 

What is the nationality of Lena Ajoy?

Lena Ajoy nationality is German. 

How much is the height and weight of Lena Ajoy

Lena Ajoy height is 5 Feet 3 inches and weight is around 55kg. 

How much is the age of Lena Ajoy?

Lena Ajoy is 33 years old. 

How much is the net worth of Lina?

Lina’s estimated net worth is around 900k US Dollars. 

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