Lara Rose Birch Age Biography

Welcome guys, in this article you will read about a female model who is known for creating fun and entertainment content on her social media accounts. After reading every paragraph on this article you will gain a lot of information about this female model.

Biography of Lara Rose Birch

 Lara Rose Birch is an Australian model who was born in the year 1997. Lara Rose has an entertaining nature who loves creating content for her fans of social media.

Early life of Lara Rose Birch is not that much difficult she is from a good family with good financial background. She is creating content with a guy who holds camera for her, she has created an imagination about that guy that he is her fake cousin. Then she creates some of naughty reels with that guy for her adult audience.

Lara Rose Birch
Full NameLara Rose Birch  
ProfessionModel, social media content creator  
Year of Birth1997  
NicknameLara Rose  

Physical Measurements of Lara Rose Birch

Lara Rose has a curvy body structure who is great source of attraction for young generation. She does some body weight workouts and walk to maintain her fitness. Lara Rose’s height is 5 Feet 4 inches and weighs around 65kg.

Height of Lara Rose5 Feet 4 inches  
Weight of Lara Rose65kg  
Lara Rose Birch

Social Media of Lara Rose

Lara Rose Birch continuously uploads content on her social media account like Instagram, she has two Instagram accounts with lakhs and million of followers. There on her Instagram accounts she has created an imagination character as a fake cousin.

Some people also a big fan of Lara Rose’s OnlyFans account there she has around 130k followers. There on OnlyFans account of Lara Rose she provides premium content for a** audience.

 Lara Rose has around 1.2 million followers on her Instagram account with “laararosebackup” username and has 260k followers on her account with “laararoseb” username.

Net Worth of Lara Rose Birch

 Lara Rose lots of earning sources including her Instagram promotion of health brands, OnlyFans and creating premium content for her fans on private broadcasts. The annual income of Lara Rose is near about 1 million US Dollars.

Boyfriend of Lara Rose

As we told you that Lara Rose also creates some adult and funny content with a guy who holds camera for her videos. Currently she has not disclosed any information about her relationship status, she is living with that guy only and creates regular entertaining content with him.

Workout and Diet Plan of Lara Rose

Lara Rose does not work out much in gym to gain any muscle, she only go on morning and evening walks to burn some calories. She also does some body weight workouts to maintain her body in prefect shape.

If we talk about Lara Rose’s diet plan she eats whatever she wants, she is enjoying the eating process of her life. A few of things that she loves more eating in her diet is peanut butter, protein powder and fruits etc. In spite of these she also eats some cheat meals in her diet.


Who is Lara Rose?

Lara Rose is a social media content creator, OnlyFans model and Instagram Model.

What is the age of Lara Rose?

The age of Lara Rose is 26.

What is nationality of Lara Rose Birch?

Lara Rose is an Australian celebrity.

How much is the height and weight of Lara Rose?

The height of Lara Rose is 5 Feet 4 inches and weighs around 65kg.

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