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Fitness always takes an important role in Life. Numerous boys and girls try to work hard in the gym. Still, They find it difficult to enhance their figure due to less knowledge about fitness. On the other hand, our fitness models do amazing workouts and takes a proper diet to maintain their fitness. Not only this, but they also provide information to people about fitness. This article is about a fitness model who earned so much popularity. Her name is Kelly Amandine

Kolly worked so hard to maintain her beauty and fitness. Moreover, She helped many people to achieve their fitness goals. Many bodybuilders and fitness models got inspired by her muscular fitness. In this article, we will discuss her Lifestyle, Biography, and many more things.


Biography- Kolly Amandine

A fitness model who worked so hard to achieve her fitness goal. Moreover, Helped others to achieve their fitness goal. Kolly Amandine is a very popular fitness model with an amazing physique.

Early years

Kolly always dreamt to be an inspirational fitness model. Amandine worked so hard to build this physique. However, Kolly was not happy with her skinny body since her childhood. Therefore, Amandine decided to join the gym and started her fitness journey.

Fortunately, Kolly got her family’s support. However, there is not much information about Amandine available. The reason behind this, Amandine doesn’t want to reveal this, due to some reasons.

Fitness Journey

Just because of her hard work, Kolly amandine achieved her goal. As I above mentioned, Amandine’s journey wasn’t so easy. Kolly faced many obstacles in her life during her fitness journey. After facing so many difficulties in her life, She got motivated and faced it.

As a result, Kolly builds a huge fan following on the social platform. Moreover, Amandine achieved her first pro card due to her strong determination. Amandine tried, again and again, to make her body fit and worked so hard. Therefore, She gained proper fitness with the help of her coach.

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Quick View- Kolly Amandine


If we talk about Kolly Amandine’s Lifestyle, She is sentient about her fitness and diet plan. Kolly never skips her workout routine. She believes that No Pain No Gain. Kolly Amandine always maintains a diet plan to focus on. Amandine never skips her any meal. She also loves to spend time in nature. Moreover, She loves to admire her beauty and Also helps others to achieve their fitness goals.

Kolly never takes her fitness lightly, well-scheduled planning she makes to develop her body. As you can also see in her pictures how beautifully she maintained her fitness. She lives a very healthy lifestyle to achieve her goals.

Social Media

Apart from this, Kolly always shares her photos and videos on Social media. Moreover, She helps others to achieve their fitness goals. Amandine also trains people as a personal trainer. She has a huge fan following on Instagram. Kolly Amandine admires others’ achievements also. Amandine has a heart of gold and she loves to help others also. If you haven’t followed her on her Instagram then must follow her. A reason behind this is that she shares her diet and workout tips on her IG.

Not only this, but She is a contest preparation specification guide also. Moreover, Kolly Amandine has an Instagram page named Hyacine contest prep spec. Apart from this, Kolly Amandine is a winner of the Sheru Classic 2019 Female model

Kolly guides many people who are willing to be a bodybuilder and fitness models. Amandine wears many hats. She is a

  • Coach
  • @trainedbyjp educator – Training Educator
  • @trainedbyjpnutrition – Nutrition Trainer
  • Contest prep specialist
  • Amateur to Olympia
  • IFBB PRO Model
  • Athlete
Fitness Model NameKolly Amandine
ProfessionFitness Model, Bodybuilder, Trainer
Zodiac SignN/A
Skin ColorWhite
Martial StatusN/A
Net Worth$1.5M (approx.)
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