Learn how many pushups should be done daily to or Six pack Easy exercise

1. pushups

Friends, most people now exercise a lot of exercises and take supplements to make body. But some people prefer to exercise at home only. PushAps is a type of exercise that you can do anywhere. Today I will tell you how many pushups you should have in one day.

Mouths of biceps, trips, chests and shoulder develops by pushups for friends. If you want to make a good body, you must do 100 pushups daily. For this, you can divide them into ten sets. Relax for at least 30 seconds between each set. By doing pushups in this way your body will become good and stemina will also grow.

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2. Six pack

In the youth round, boys and girls are trying to reduce their stomach to make six packs, nowadays making six packs have become fashionable in the world of fitness, and stomach obesity is considered to be shameful; Due to the fat reduction, you are going to tell you a six pack-making domestic exercise that by adopting you can make six packs at home too

.To reduce the stomach fat, this exercise is very beneficial for you to make this exercise, you can do this at home only to exercise, sit on the edge of a bench, and raise the paw and chest together as per the picture. This Exercise Four times a day, this Exercise eliminates stomach fat, begins to form six pack muscles.

Do not eat too much fat after applying exercises, and fat stuffing increases due to eating fat things, so eat only foods containing protein and vitamins which do not accumulate fat on the stomach and help to make six packs

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