As you all know that there are many bodybuilders in the fitness industry working hard to get a good name and fame. Today we are going to tell you about a very hot female bodybuilder.Whose dream was to be a amazing bodybuilder, this bodybuilder has put a lot of efforts for making her body. So let’s start with her beautiful name.


Her name is Laura Amy. Laura Amy is from Australia. She is a professional fitness model and social media star because of her hot body structure. She weights about 52 kgs. A model with a very marvelous curve in her body.


Fitness Journey

She is well known in fitness industry because of her hot figure. Laura posts her pictures on social media that attracts other people to come to her on social media. She had to suffer from lots of difficulties during her fitness journey, like she was suffering from a eating disorder named as anorexia. She eats more than her body needs because of this eating disorder.

Turning point in Life

Then to overcome this eating disorder Laura planned a different diet plan for her and she started running on treadmill. After running on treadmill and doing workout for several days in gym. Laura noticed impressive changes in her body and then to make more improvement in her body Laura hired a fitness coach.

After that being trained for about a couple of years Laura started competiting in modeling contests. In all her competitions Laura really performed well.

Now because of being famous in fitness industry about thousand and lakes of people started following her on social media. Laura also helps her fans to achieve their fitness goals and to live a healthy lifestyle Laura Amy is a great inspiration for other woman.

Fitness Routine

Now let’s talk about her training routine. She used to do workout in gym one hours for 6 days a week. Laura tries to burn as more as calories she can in the gym.

If we talk about Laura’s diet plan, she consumes a little calories after her workout. She mainly focus on lean protein and nutritious food items. To increase her performance Laura Amy also includes protein powder, pre-workout, fat burner and some multi-vitamin tablets in her diet.

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