If you are also a gym enthusiast, then know these 5 things related to fitness

Do you not see _ _ _ results even after spending too much time in the gym? It is likely that you have taken the wrong advice of someone. It is natural to happen during gym days. It is not necessary that the maximum advice we get is absolutely right.

Myth – Crunchage Essentials for Abs Facts

Crunch may be the most prestigious abdominal exercise, but in reality, it is not the best way to make your midsection flat. Because it does not burn many calories, it does not help in major way in reducing your fat. Crunches tone a small part of your stomach. If you are crunching, make sure that you are doing it correctly or else it can cause pain in your spine.

Myth – The more calories you will sweat, the more fact:

If you have returned home after sweating after a regular run in the afternoon, you do not necessarily burn more calories. Sweating is a biological process that cools your body and maintains the internal temperature of the body. Sweating is absolutely appropriate as a result of your exercise and it reflects your exhausting gym session.

Myth – Running is harmful to the knees Fact:

A study has found that older runners’ knees were healthier than those not running. Women have four to six times the risk of serious knee injuries from running as compared to men because of the ratio of tightness between their quadriceps and hamstrings, which can increase the risk of ACL injury. Therefore, experts recommend regular running at least twice a week during workouts to build muscles that strengthen the knee. If you run regularly, then you will be less likely to get hurt.

Myth – Stretching helps in faster recovery of the body. Fact:

If you feel good after doing it, then definitely do, but a study has shown that there is no significant change in blood lactate levels of people who stretch after exercise. has gone. However, experts point out that doing it right after a workout is the best way to increase joint flexibility.

Myth – Better time to spend more time in the gym

Fact:- It is very important to spend rest time in the day. There is a lot of need to recover your body after hard work. If you work out every day, you can hurt yourself or overtrain, which prevents rebounding your muscles and improving your body. Even if you are fond of the gym but make sure to take regular breaks, whether it is every other day or once a week.

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