People troubled by weak body start eating it, the body will start forming fast

If our body is weak, not only do we face trouble in doing many things, but we also feel hesitant to talk to the people around us, then to get rid of this problem people use many types of medicines Do, but it does not have some special benefits, but the side effects are more.

That is why today we are going to tell you about such supplements, which you can prepare at home, and because they are completely natural, they are full of nutrients, due to which there are no side effects. The body starts forming very fast.

So to prepare this supplement you will need three things, these are 2 kilograms of soybeans, 1 kilogram of a gram and half a kilogram of barley, then grind these three things and make a fine powder, this time the color of this powder is light yellow. Will, now fry this powder by adding a little bit of native ghee in the pan.

When its color turns dark brown, take it off and keep it in an airtight container after cooling, now take 50 grams of this powder mixed with milk, and for sweetness, you can add one spoon of honey to it, By using this recipe, you can make your body strong, strong and steely.

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