Box office: Once upon a time, call Blockbuster to see this list

Hello friends, As you all know, Rajinikanth is a superstar of South films while Akshay Kumar is a superstar of Bollywood films. Both of these actors have given many excellent and blockbuster movies because of their strong acting. That’s why films of Akshay Kumar and Rajinikanth always remain in discussions. The recently released film “2.0” of these two actors is getting quite a lot of headlines today.

Amy Jackson, along with Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar, is also present in the main science fiction film directed by Shankar, the famous director of South films. This film is made as the next sequence of robots. The story of the film is quite good because the viewer is very much liked by this film. The budget of about 543 crores has been used to create this film which has been presented with the best visual effects.

The film has 20.25 crores in Hindi version on its opening day, 18-25 million on the second day, 34 crores on the fourth day, 13.75 crores on the fifth day, sixth day 11.10 crores, seventh day 9.50 crores, eighth day 7.75 crores, On the ninth day 5.85 crores, on the tenth day 9.15 crores and on the eleventh day 12 crores of brilliant wrists. With this, the film has so far made a total of 166.35 crores in Hindi version. Because of which this movie is considered superhit and not blockbuster

The roar of 2.0 is also echoing at box office at 13th day, the collection reached so many millions
Hello friends, As you all know, Akshay Kumar and Rajinikanth’s film 2.0 will be released for 13 days at the box office. Still the burning of this film is still intact. This film has crossed the charismatic figures of collection in a short span of time. Yes, this film has collected 620 crores on the charismatic figure of 600 crores.

The film has earned Rs 485 crores in 3D and 2D in India, while the film has a turnover of 135 crores from overshadows. At the same time, the film has overtaken Padmavat (585 crores) and has bagged the highest grossing Indian film this year. The film will be released in China at approximately 57 thousand screens soon enough.

Right now, let’s talk to you, the film’s hold still remains at the box office. Rajinikanth and Akshay’s pair today collected a collection of 16.34 crore in India on 13th day. If such a collection goes on for a few days, then the film will soon cross the collection of Rs 700 crore. Do you think we can comment, tell Akshay and Rajni’s fans like this?
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